FESCO Bill Payment

Paying the bills on time is important. Why? Because it is like a giving high-five to a hero who ensures electricity flows in your house every day and night. Your payment helps FESCO to maintain and fix power lines and other machinery to keep the lights on for you, your family, and neighbors.

Different Ways to Pay FESCO Bill

Everyone has their own way of doing things, FESCO understands it. So, they offer different ways to let you pay your bills easily and conveniently.

 Commercial Banks and ATM

Paying your FESCO bill via commercial banks is a formal way and used by many people. In this method, you take your bill paper and amount due to the bank counter. Hand over the amount and bill to the representative; he will process the payment and provide you with a receipt indicating a successful bill payment.

Using this method of payment, you may have to wait in a long queue in a bustling bank. In this case, you can use an ATM to pay the bill instantly. Go to your bank’s ATM machine, insert your debit card. Choose the Bill Payment option and select FESCO as a biller. Now, enter your meter number, billing month and amount that is due. 

Make sure you enter all the details correctly. Once all is done, confirm the payment and take a receipt. 

Online Payment

Going to bank or ATM to pay bill takes time, this is where online bill payments come into the picture. You can pay your bill online using different mediums:

  1. FESCO Website – Visit FESCO’s official website and click on the Bill Payment option. Provide them with your meter number, billing month, consumer type. Then, choose your payment method, such as debit card, credit card, etc. Entre the payment details, review all the details and hit Pay Now to complete the bill payment.
  2. Mobile Banking – Open your mobile banking application and log in to your account. Choose the Bill Payment option and FESCO as biller. Enter the required details, including meter number, billing month, and amount of bill; make sure all the information is correct. Select the payment method and confirm the payment to pay your bill.
  3. Other Digital Wallets – You can use EasyPaisa and JazzCash to pay your bills.  The method on both applications is almost the same. The step-by-step instructions are given below:
    1. EasyPaisa Login to EasyPaisa → Select Bill Payment Option → Select Electricity as bill type → Choose FESCO as biller → Enter 14-digit reference number → Confirm the payment.
    2. JazzCash – Login to JazzCash → Select Utility Bill Option → Select Electricity Option → Choose FESCO as biller → Enter 14-digit reference number → Confirm the payment.

FESCO Customer Service Centers

Some users find this way more suitable for paying their bills. If you are also going for this method then, visit the nearest FESCO customer service center with your bill and the amount that has to be paid. Provide the paper bill and the amount to the representative; s/he will pay the bill and give a receipt indicating the successful payment.

Post Offices

This method is the second most popular and formal method for paying your FESCO bills in Pakistan; however, the procedure is quite similar to paying bills in the commercial bank.

Whatever method you use to pay your FESCO bills, always ensure that the provided details are correct; it will help in preventing any errors while making a payment. Moreover, do not forget to take the receipt for this payment. This receipt is useful and proof of payment in case of any problems or disputes.