GEPCO New Connection – Apply Now Online

You can now apply for a GEPCO New Connection 2023 online in just a few clicks without having to leave the comfort of your home.

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Previously, if one required a GEPCO new connection, he/she had to visit the nearest customer service center, wait in line for hours, first acquire the physical copy of the application form, fill it out, get a print out of all the required documents, attach them with the application form and then finally, submit their application. God Forbid, if they ever misplaced the form’s physical copy, the entire process had to be repeated.

It was a hectic process, especially for remote areas who had to travel for hours to reach a customer service center. GEPCO has now made it very easy for its customer to apply for a new connection. Also, the duplicate Gepco bill can be checked online.

How to Apply for a GEPCO New Connection

Applying for a new connection has never been easier. The GEPCO Official website has clearly stipulated everything you need to do to get a new connection. There are 3 different categories of connections you can apply for:

  • The first category is Category 1 (at most 15 kW)
  • The Second Category is Category 2 (16-70 kW / 400V)
  • The Third Category is Category 3 (71-500 kW / 400V)

Each category has its own set of instructions. The GEPCO Official website has clearly stipulated all the instructions you need to follow to apply for a specific connection of any of these 3 categories. You can visit for a connection.

Once you have chosen the Connection Category, you can click on it to proceed with your application.

[su_panel background=”#ffe6ca” color=”#000000″ target=”blank”]if you are looking for HESCO Bill you can just click on this HESCO NEW CONNECTION.[/su_panel]

At the end now if you want to calculate your bill, you can visit GEPCO BILL CALCULATOR

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