HESCO New Connection: Streamlined Process for Getting Connected Quickly

Consumers can now apply for electricity HESCO New Connection online using a simple, fast and easy procedure.

Procedure to apply for a HESCO New Connection Online:

For the Commercial and Domestic Tariff, General Customers, HESCO has greatly simplified the New Connection installation procedure. Even the Application Form for the New Connection is now being provided in Urdu rather than English. For New Connection, you need to attach the following documents with the application form:

  • 1 Copy of the National Identity Card (NIC)
  • Proof of Ownership provided that the Customer is the actual owner. If the person applying for a new connection is not the actual owner, he/she will also need a stamp paper with the Owner’s Permission and the Ownership Proof.
  • The applicant signed Supply Abridged Condition.

For further details, you can click on the Button Below. The Button will direct you to a webpage. This webpage explains the procedure for a New Connection in Simply and Easy Terms.  There is a link at the bottom of the web page, using which you can download the application form. Click on the button:



For the comfort of its customers, HESCO has now digitized all of its processes. HESCO consumers now no longer have to travel to a customer service center or the head office and wait in a queue for hours either to get a duplicate copy of their hesco bills, pay their bills, register their hesco complaints, check the status of their previously filed complaints, check their complaint history, calculate the bill rates with Hesco calculator or to apply for a new connection.

The complete digitization also means that now they cannot fill out a physical copy of the new connection application form in the customer service center. They can fill out an e-application form and submit it online from their laptop or any other device without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

This online procedure is far more comfortable, fast, easy, and caters to a broader spectrum of customers’ needs. It is incredibly comforting for those who don’t have the luxury of personal/private transport and spend money on public transport to visit even the nearest customer service center.

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