Important FESCO FAQs

How can I get a new connection?

You can get a new connection by going through the following steps:

  1. Get a free-of-charge application form from the sub-division of your area.
  2. Fill out the application form with all the required details, and make sure all the information is correct and accurate.
  3. After that, submit this application to the sub-division, where the concerned clerk will give a receipt, which is proof of receiving your application form.
  4. From there, your application will be processed, and a new connection will be installed on your desired premises within one month.

      You will be informed if your application is rejected for any appropriate reason.

How can I check my FESCO bill online?

Follow the given instructions to check your FESCO bill online:

  1. Go to the FESCO bill website at
  2. Enter your 14-digit Reference Number or 10-digit ConsumerID.
  3. Click the Search button to see your bill.

      You can also print your bill as a PDF file if you want.

How can I record my meter reading?

You do not have to do it because it is the job of a meter reader who visits the premises from door to door. He notes down the meter in the Meter Reading Record and the consumer’s Meter Reading Card simultaneously. This way, you can keep yourself informed about the units you consume. 


What should I do if my bill has errors?

You should report it to your sub-division/revenue office immediately.


How many days will I have to deposit my electricity bill?

You will have 7 days.


Where can I deposit my electricity bill?

You have multiple options to deposit your electricity bill in your city, such as commercial banks, ATMs, post offices, and online payments. You can find the detailed article about bill payment here.


If my electricity connection is disconnected, how can it be reconnected?

Regardless of the reason behind the disconnection, you can get the connection restored by applying for the same on the prescribed form available with the concerned Revenue Office free of cost. 


What should I do if I have to convert the connection to my name from another person’s name?

Submit your application to the concerned sub-division with all the required documents to verify justification for the change of name. Once your application is fully completed with all prerequisites for changing your name, you will get the connection transferred to your name.


How can I get my electricity load increased or decreased as per my needs?

To modify your electricity load, apply to the SDO or other competent authority to verify the load and test report. Once it is done, they will arrange the extension or reduction of your electricity load as per your requirements.


How can I get the disconnection of my supply and refund of security?

You need to apply for permanent disconnection to the SDO if you do not want to continue your electricity connection. Once your application is processed and the SDO gets clearance from the Revenue Office, the connection will be disconnected by the SDO.


What is the minimum amount to issue a Disconnection Notice (DCN)?

Domestic Consumer (A1)     = 500 Rs/PM

Commercial Consumer (A2) = 500 Rs/PM


What is meant by minimum charges?

An amount that should be paid by you (a consumer) in case of calculated variable charges are less than the under-mentioned minimum amount:


Tariff Phase              Type            Rate Per Month

Domestic (A1)       Single Phase      75/- Rs

Commercial (A1)  Three Phase      150/- Rs

Domestic (A2)      Single Phase     175/- Rs

Commercial (A2)  Three Phase      350/- Rs


In conclusion, FESCO’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) serve as a valuable resource for consumers seeking clarity and guidance on various aspects of their electricity service. By addressing common queries about billing, payments, connections, and other related topics, FESCO helps empower its customers with the knowledge they need to navigate their utility services effectively. These FAQs not only provide quick answers to common inquiries but also promote transparency and accountability within the utility provider-consumer relationship.

Where can I find the FESCO tariff rates that are currently applicable to different categories of consumers?

Read the details here to know the currently applicable tariff rates for different categories of consumers.

How can I change the tariff from domestic to commercial?

Apply for a change of tariff to the SDO office with the following documents:

  1. A copy of your CNIC
  2. Last paid Electricity Bill
  3. Affidavit of Rs.20.00

Once your application is processed, the tariff will be changed in at least two or three days.

How can I, as a consumer, submit my complaints about FESCO?

A consumer can submit his complaints about FESCO by toll-free number 041-118.

How can I get General Information about FESCO?

Visit to get all general information, including the shutdown schedule and phone numbers of FESCO departments.

What is N.J. Surcharge?

As per Gazette Notification No. SRO07-14(1) 2008 04-01-2008 Naleem Jejlum Surcharge @ Rs.0.10/KWH on Consumption of Electricity has been levied w.e.f 1st January 2008. This additional surcharge shall be deposited in the account of Neelum Jhelum Hydro Power Development Fund.

How can a consumer disconnect the TV fee from his electricity bill?

For this, receive a form from the concerned RO/AM (CS), and fill it out with all necessary information, and submit it to this office with your CNIC copy.