LESCO Complaint: Resolve Issues Quickly with Our Expert Support

You can now register and track your LESCO complaint online within a matter of seconds without having to visit the head office or the customer service center.

Technology has made everything easier. Previously, whenever a customer complained or wanted to check lesco new connection bills, they had to go to the head office or the customer service center. Then, they had to wait in line for hours before they were given a chance to submit their complaint. Now, they can easily do it without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

LESCO now provides its customer with an opportunity to register their complaints online. For Online LESCO Complaint Registration, follow the steps given below:

LESCO Complaint Registration October 2022

If you are a LESCO customer and have any complaints, you can make them aware of the issue by simply filling out their complaint registration form and submitting it online. All the fields that are marked with a star (*) on the firm must be filled. To access the form and submit it online, click on the button below:


Select your complaint type from the drop-down menu. Then, enter your LESCO Bill’s Reference Number. All the consumer information such as their Name, Address, Phone Email, Meter Number, and Complaint Details. Then click on “Submit” to lodge your complaint. You can also click on “Reset” to reset the value in all fields to their default values.

How to use the Online Complaint Management System

The LESCO website provides clear instructions on how to use the Online Complaint Management System. If you have any confusion regarding how to file a complaint, check your complaint status or check your complaint history, do read the instruction manual. To access the instruction manual for Online Complaint Management System, use this link http://www.lesco.gov.pk/3000076.

Checking the Status of the Complaint and the Complaint History

In addition to filing complaints online, you can now also check your complaint status and your complaint history online.

To check the status of your complaint online, click on the button below and enter the ticket number of your complaint.



You can now also check your entire complaint history online by entering the Reference Number of your latest LESCO Bill.



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