How to check, view, download and print PTCL duplicate bills

Are you worried because you did not get your original PTCL bills? Whatever the reason for not having it, don’t worry. We have provided you the solution to this problem. Here, you can find methods to get you a duplicate copy of your original PTCL bills. Incase of any help you may file PTCL Complaint here.
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How to Check PTCL Duplicate bills

ptcl duplicate bill online

Download the Landline Bills, Broadband Bills, and Evo PTCL bills by given procedures. Moreover, you can also print out and view copies of bills.

Instructions to follow for downloading the bills:

We have to provide you below the three categories of PTCL bills, go to your preferred choice and click on it.

There will appear two input fields.

  • If you need a bill for EVO: You need to enter your MDN number (with area code) in the first input field and ESN number in the second input field.
  • For duplicate bills of Landline and Broadband:  In the first input field you need to enter your Phone number (without area code). Put your Account number (which you can get from the previous bill) in the second input field.
  • Now press the “Search” button (provided below both input fields).
  • After performing these above instructions, you will get a current bill with having a history of previous bills within no time.
  • Now, download your bill.

What is the ESN number:

It is an abbreviation of Equipment Serial Number. Manufacturer embedded it electronically in the device that identified it uniquely.

What is the MDN number?

If you are an EVO Wingle / Charji customer, your username would be your MDN. IT stands for Mobile Serial Number consisting of 10 digits. Every SIM card-capable system or device requires it.

How can I find my MDN and ESN numbers?

Slide the back cover of your device, you’ll find your MDN & ESN engraved on it. You can also trace your MDN number by installing PTCL EVO software on your system.

Get or view Duplicate PTCL Landline bills: 

In order to view, print, or download the duplicate bills of PTCL Landline, click below


Get or view Duplicate PTCL Broadband bills: 

You can press the below-provided button to check the duplicate PTCL Broadband Bills:


Get or view search Duplicate PTCL Evo bills: 

Click below to view, print, or download duplicate bills of PTCL Evo.

Condition to print the bills:

You will get PTCL duplicate bills in PDF format, so PDF Acrobat Reader must be installed on your system if you want to print the PTCL bills.

How to contact PTCL in case of issues:

Please contact the PTCL representative If you have tried according to the provide guidelines but still facing issues. You have the following choices to get assistance.

For landline issues:

Dial:   1218

Address of offices:

You can found the addresses of the PTCL offices along with their helpline numbers.

For any Broadband Service:

Dial:   1236

Email address:   [email protected]


You came to know about the digitized system of PTCL to download the duplicates of PTCL bills in case of instant need. On this page, you also have found the information on how to download, print, or view your PTCL duplicate bills instantly. Moreover, we have provided you the details of the required information to get bills. In case of any help us feel free to connect with us.

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