QESCO New Connection – Apply Online Now

You can now apply for QESCO New Connection Online without having to leave the comfort of your homes. Just follow this guide.

QESCO has now made everything more straightforward and more accessible for its customers. They no longer have to visit the customer service center or the head office to perform small, simple tasks such as accessing the duplicate copy of their bills, getting application forms, submitting application forms, applying for a new connection, registering complaints, checking the status of their complaints, or to check their complaint history.

They can no do everything over the internet, even pays their QESCO Bills online. Similarly, they can also easily apply for a new connection online.

They can apply for a new connection online in two ways. They can either download the application forms from the internet but submit them by visiting the customer service center. They can perform the whole procedure over the internet and even fill and submit the application forms online. Both of these ways are much easier than the previous method that required a minimum of two visits to the customer service center, one to get the application form and the other one to submit the application form after filling it.

Qesco New Connection

QESCO has made the procedure to apply for a new connection very easy, especially for Commercial and Domestic Tariff’s General Customers. You must also attach the following documents with your application form to apply for a new connection: National Identity Card (NIC) Copy and Copy of proof of Ownership provided that the applicant is the Owner of the property.

If in case, he/she isn’t then a Stamp Paper with the Owner’s permission along with the proof of ownership is required. Along with both of these documents, Supply’s abridged condition signed by the applicant is also needed. For the rest of the details, you can visit this link http://www.qesco.com.pk/New_Conn.aspx

You can download the New Connection Application Form by clicking on this button:



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