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Check and Download the SEPCO Online Bill and pay it online using just a 14-digit Reference Number.

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How to Check SEPCO Online Bill

To check the SEPCO Bill online, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Enter your 14-digit Reference Number above the field. Note that the Reference Number must be entered without any spaces. You must enter your latest Reference Number (The Reference Number on your newest/most recent SEPCO Electricity Bill) because some of the Reference Numbers have been revised.
  • Click on the Submit button.

How to print the Sukkur SEPCO Online Bills

To print the SEPCO Online Bill, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Enter your 14-digit Reference Number.
  • Click on Submit
  • Now, click on Page Setup from the File Menu in the Internet Explorer.
  • Next, All the values under “Header” and “Footer” must be deleted.
  • Then, the select paper size that is the size of the paper you want to print the SEPCO electricity bill on
  • Next, Select Orientation. Usually, “Portrait” is preferable when printing bills.
  • Click on “Ok”
  • Click on “Print” from the File Menu
  • Chose an appropriate printer
  • Finally, Click on “Print”

Your SEPCO Electricity Bill will be printed.


You can move to SEPCO Mis either by first visiting their official website, going to the home page, clicking on Staff, and then Clicking on Staff.

SEPCO has now made it possible for its consumers to check their Duplicate Electricity Bills Online, Sepco Complaints Previously, the only way consumers could access their bill was when WAPDA dropped off the original physical copy of their electricity bill at their doorsteps at the start of each month.

If a person loses the physical copy of his/her bill, tears it by mistake, misplaces it, or never receives it, there was no other way for him/her to get access to the duplicate copy of his/her bill except by visiting the nearby customer service center or the WAPDA Head office and wait in line for hours before applying to get access to a duplicate copy of his/her electricity bill.

Thanks to the advancement in technology, people can now not only view the duplicate copy of their bills online, but they can also download, print, and even pay it online. All of this can be done using just a 14-digit Reference Number. The Reference Number is used to identify your bill, just like an account number is used to identify your bank account.

Sukkur Electric Power Company (SEPCO) is one of the leading and most well-known Electric Power Distribution Companies of Pakistan. It was formed when Hyderabad Electric Supply Company (HESCO) was divided into two parts of the areas that HESCO was previously administrating and providing Electricity to now come under the jurisdiction of SEPCO.

Although it was created on 26th July 2010, it was from 16th August 2010 that it started functioning with effect. SEPCO consists of three operation circles: Sukkur, Larkana, and Dadu, while the modified HESCO consists of these three operation circles:

Hyderabad -I

Hyderabad -II


Under its jurisdiction lies the districts of Sukkur, Kashmore, Jacobabad, some Rahim Yar Khan District, Ghotki, Shikarpur, Khairpur, Larkana, Naushehro Feroze portion of Shaheed Benazirabad District, Kamber, Dadu, and some portion of Jamshoro District.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does SEPCO stand for?

SEPCO stands for Sukkur Electric Power Company.

When was SEPCO formed?

SEPCO was created on 26th July 2010, but it started working with effect from 16th August 2010.

Are SEPCO and HESCO the same?

No, SEPCO and HESCO are not the same. SEPCO was formed when HESCO was divided into two parts, so some of the previously under the jurisdiction of HESCO are now under the jurisdiction of SEPCO.

Can I Pay my SEPCO Bill Online?

Yes, SEPCO Bills can be paid online either through EasyPaisa, JazzCash. ATMs, Bank Apps, and from our electricity Bill website.

Can I check my SEPCO Bill Online?

Yes, SEPCO Bills can be checked online. Please read our article above for the detailed steps.