Guide to Updating Your Name on a FESCO Bill

To update the name on a FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) bill, one must adhere to specific procedures to facilitate a seamless process.

To initiate the procedure, visit the nearest FESCO customer service center to acquire the necessary application form. Once acquired, proceed to complete the form with the new name and other pertinent details such as the account number, residential address, and contact information, ensuring all entries are current and correct.

Following this, assemble the required documents including a photocopy of the new owner’s NIC or passport, and the property’s transfer letter or sale deed. Having filled out the application and collated the requisite documents, proceed to submit them either directly at the FESCO customer service center or through the provided drop box at the facility.

Upon processing your application, FESCO will update the bill with the new name, allowing you to receive subsequent bills under the updated name. It is vital to factor in a potential nominal fee for the service, with the duration for processing varying based on the request’s intricacy and the prevailing workload at the FESCO office.

To safeguard the success of your application, strictly adhere to the stipulated procedures, ensuring the provision of accurate and current details. Moreover, carefully review the form prior to submission to forestall potential delays arising from errors or discrepancies.

Online Name Change via the ENC System

The ENC (Electricity New Connection) System offers an online avenue for the Pakistani populace to amend details on their electricity bill connection, including name alterations, tariff and load adjustments. To utilize this service, adhere to the steps delineated below:

1. Launch your web browser.
2. Navigate to the ENC official portal using the address [](
3. Locate and click the “Change” option, visibly depicted in the instructional imagery.
4. Under “Application type”, opt for “Change of Name”.
5. Input the necessary details:
– Bill reference number
– Applicant’s NIC number
– Applicant’s mobile number
– Current name, accompanied by father/husband’s name
– New name, accompanied by father/husband’s name
6. Proceed to upload the following attachments:
– Notarized copy of the applicant’s CNIC
– Copy of the applicant’s electricity bill
– Proof of ownership documentation
7. Complete the process by clicking the “Submit” button.

To verify the update, check your updated FESCO bill online. It is essential to note that spelling and accuracy are paramount to prevent issues such as “name change” errors. Correctly selecting the “Change of Name” option will steer you away from such mistakes, promoting a successful name update.