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TESCO Online Bill Check

if you want to access your Duplicate Bill Online. You can check your Duplicate TESCO Online Bill by clicking on the Button Below:

Tesco Complaint Online

How to Check TESCO Online Online bill

If you want to check your TESCO Online Bill, then:

  • First, Click on the Button Above
  • The Button will direct you to a webpage.
  • Then, please Enter your 14 Digit Reference Number in its respective field. The reference number must be entered without any spaces. Also, the latest Reference Number must be entered because the Reference Numbers have been revised recently.
  • Finally, Click on Submit

After you click on the Submit Button, you will receive a Duplicate copy of your TESCO Electricity Bill.

Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company (TESCO) is one of the leading and most well-known Electric Power Distribution companies in Pakistan. Since its inception in August 2004, it has provided Electricity to the people of the former Tribal Agencies and FRs. Moreover, it is the Only Distribution Company that is providing electricity to the consumers of these areas. Hence, all the Construction and Maintenance Work is also done by the TESCO workers.

It has 5 Operation Divisions and just one Distribution Circle. You can find out more about TESCO from their official website www.tesco.gov.pk. You can now check your TESCSO Bills Online.

TESCO drops the Electricity Bills at the doorstep of its Consumers at the start of each month. If the consumer misplaces the physical copy of their original bill, tears it by mistake, or never receives it, they must obtain a duplicate copy of their invoice to pay it. The Duplicate copy can either be obtained online or obtained by visiting a nearby customer service center or the head office.

TESCO Tribal Electric Supply Company recently introduced the online procedure to save its consumers from leaving their comfortable homes and standing in a line for hours to get access to the duplicate copy of their bills. They can get their Duplicate Bills online using just a 14-Digit Reference Number. The Reference Number can be found on the printed Electricity Bills.

It is just like an account number and is used to identify your bill. It is important to note that the Reference Numbers are revised recently, so it is advised to use the latest reference number (the reference number of your latest or most recent electricity bill)

How to Print TESCO Online Duplicate Electricity Bill

If you want to print your TESCO Online Duplicate Electricity Bill, then:

  • First, Click on the Button Above
  • Then, Enter your 14-Digit Reference Number.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Your TESCO Online Bill will be displayed.
  • Now, Click on “Page Setup” from the File menu in Internet Explorer.
  • Select “A4” as your Paper Size
  • Delete “Header” and “Footer” values
  • Select “Portrait” as your Orientation
  • Now, press the OK button.
  • Click on “Print” from the File Menu
  • Finally, click the Print Button after choosing an appropriate printer.

TESCO Helpline

If you want to contact TESCO, you can either visit their head office, fax, email, or call them.


Tribal Areas Electric Supply Company, TESCO Headquarter, WAPDA house Peshawar, Pakistan

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[email protected]

[email protected]

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