IESCO Bill Online: Quick and Secure Methods to Check and Pay Your Electricity Bill

Here, you can Check your Duplicate Online IESCO Bill in no time for Islamabad. The Online IESCO Bills can be Printed, Downloaded, or even Paid Online.

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Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) is responsible for the distribution, selling, and supply of Electrical Power to the areas from Jhelum to Attock. Furthermore, the locations from river Neelum in Kashmir to river Indus also come under the jurisdiction of IESCO. At the moment, 2.8 million people are benefitting from its services. In return, the consumers must pay Electricity bills or Bijli Bills to IESCO every month.


Apart from a Physical Copy of the Electricity Bills dropped at your doorstep at the start of each month, you can now also access their duplicate soft copy with just a click of a button. The Processes that need to be followed to check, download, and print the Duplicate Online IESCO Bills are explained below:

Checking Duplicate Online IESCO Bill Islamabad

IESCO Electricity Bills are dropped at your doorstep each month. Previously,  you were duty-bound to drive to the required location of the Head Office or the Customer Service Center and wait in a queue for hours to gain access to the physical copy of your Electricity bills, in the case you lose it, fail to find it for whatever reason or wants to check your bill status.

While most of the consumers are from Islamabad and Rawalpindi, it is relatively easy for them to drive to the Head Office or the Customer Service Centers and access the bills. Still, for the consumers from Jhelum to Attock, this process proved to be quite problematic.

The recent advancements in technology solved this problem by allowing IESCO Bills, the new ones and the previous ones, to be checked online whenever and wherever to save one from the dreadful waiting process for hours in a queue people were supposed to go through previously.

Consumers can now also check their bill slabs, registration records, and bill status in addition to their bill information online.

How to Check IESCO Bill Online Islamabad:

Reference No: 

Our Website provides a practical, easy, and quick method that is also free to help you get access to your bills online.

IESCO Bills can be checked online simply through the means of a reference number. Just like an account number, a reference number is an essential identification of your bill. It is a 14-digit long number used to direct you to duplicate an online copy of all your bills.

One important thing to remember is that the Online Bill System of WAPDA updates the reference number each month. For a Successful Transaction, you need your last month’s statement and your latest reference number. You can find your reference number on the third row of the left-most column of your bill.

To check your bills online, follow these steps:

  • Enter your Latest Reference Number in the above field.
  • Click on the Submit Button

Getting the Latest Reference Number

If you lost your last month’s bill or no longer have access to it, and hence you don’t have your latest reference number, you can find it out through our website by following these steps:

  • Click on the Button Below


  • Put in your old reference number
  • Click on the Search Button

Now that you have your latest reference number click on the button above and enter your latest reference number to access your Bills.

Looking for K electric Duplicate Bill, no worries, go to the search bar and search any bill.

Printing and Downloading Duplicate Online IESCO Bills

Not only you can check your bills online, but you can also download them or directly print it too. To download it or print it, follow these steps:

Printing IESCO Online Bills:

  • Click on the Button Above
  • Enter Your Latest Reference Number
  • Click on the Submit Button
  • Now Click on the Print Button or Press Ctrl+P to open the Printing Options.
  • Now select the Paper Size.
  • Keep the selected size of the Paper in the Printer.
  • Get your Printed Bill

Downloading IESCO Online Bill:

  • To Download it, Press on the Download Button.


Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) has defined several duties and roles for IESCO. The SOPS made by IESCO is relatively easy and simple for delivering the best to its consumers.

The methods incorporate Easy Payment of bills, getting new connections and careers online, downloading and printing IESCO Online Bills, Tariff Guide, Customer Service, Iesco bill calculator, etc.

IESCO Financial Report, and Complaint Redressal Center. Furthermore, to effectively resolve Electrical Faults and ensure the supply of uninterrupted electricity to its consumers, IESCO Management launched a Mobile App a year ago. You can check out their official website for more information and get the latest news regarding IESCO.

In Islamabad, the Computer Center of IESCO developed a website for IESCO Online MIS, which the Computer Center also maintains. You are first required to enter your Username and Password to log in.


Islamabad Electricity Supply Company (IESCO) Tariff is basically the tax or the duty that has to be paid on the Electricity supplied to you by IESCO. The Official Website of IESCO provides a proper Tariff Guide where it clearly stipulates the Fixed Charges Rs/KW/M, Applicable Variable Charges Rs/kWh (Peak hours and Off-Peak hours), Applicable Variable Charges W.E F. 01-01-2019 Rs/kWh (Peak hours and Off-Peak hours) and the Applicable Uniform Quarterly 1st and 2nd Adjustment W.E F. 01-07-2019 Rs/kWh for Different Tariff Category for A-1 General Supply Tariff that is the Electrical Supply to Residential Areas. Similarly, there is a Tariff Guide for Commercial, Industrial Areas, and Public Lighting. The Tariff Guides will tell you about the latest IESCO unit rates. You can check out the complete Tariff Guide.

IESCO Shutdown Schedule

IESCO Home Website also maintains an approved and maintenance shutdown schedule for the cities of Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Attock Jhelum, and Chakwal, according to the latest Dates. The shutdown schedule details include the time details at which the power will be shut down or turned off for various purposes. You can also use your Reference Number to check the Maintenance Schedule for your area.

You can check out the Shutdown Schedule here:

IESCO Internal Audit

Internal Audit of any organization assures that its governance, risk management, and control processes operate efficiently and effectively. It evaluates the organization’s accounting processes and internal controls. Furthermore, it makes sure that all of the operations and services abide by the law, rules, and regulations.

IESCO has an entire Audit Committee to provide independent assurance of the effective operation of its control processes and deliverance of its services.

IESCO Website provides access to its Internal Audit Committee. The Designations, Names, and Phone Numbers of the IESCO Audit Department’s Members are all mentioned in this link.

IESCO Contact Information:

IESCO Head Office Address: Sector G-7/4 Islamabad, Pakistan.
IESCO Complaint Center or Helpline Number The different Phone Numbers are:
Fax 051-9252927
Deputy Manager (Operation) Address Street 17, Warask Road, Near Sui Gas Chowk, Sector I 9 Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.
Assistant Manager (Operation) Address: Khan Market, Street 50, G 10/3, Islamabad, Pakistan.


In summary, IESCO Bill Online provides a swift and secure avenue for individuals to conveniently manage their electricity bills. Through its user-friendly interface and efficient payment options, this platform offers a seamless experience for customers, eliminating the hassle of traditional bill payment methods. By embracing digital solutions like IESCO Bill Online, users can easily monitor their electricity consumption, stay informed about their billing details, and promptly settle their dues, promoting financial organization and peace of mind. As technology continues to evolve, initiatives like these underscore the importance of leveraging innovation to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline essential services for a more connected and efficient future.


Q: How can I check my IESCO Bill Online?

A: In the article, we have clearly mentioned the steps you need to follow to check your IESCO Bill Online. Click on the button above to check your bill online.

Q: How to access the current Unit Rates?

A: In the Article, under the Section IESCO Tariff Guide, you will find the link through which you can access all the current unit rates for your connection type.

Q: I don’t have the recent reference number. What can I find it out?

A: If you lost your previous month’s statement, then you can use any previous reference number and use it to get access to your latest reference number. Check the article above to find out how.

Q: Does the area of Attock comes under the jurisdiction of IESCO?

A: Yes, all the area from Attock to Jhelum comes under the jurisdiction of IESCO.

Q: Where is IESCO’s head office?

A: Under the section IESCO Contact Information, you will find all the information on contacting IESCO. The information constitutes all the addresses, phone numbers, and fax numbers.

Q: How to Check Previous IESCO  bill?

A: If you have the reference number, simply type it into the box above to obtain the bill.

Q: How to check Iesco bill is paid or not?

A: you can check this by visiting by entering your reference no.