Duplicate SNGPL Bill: How to Quickly Obtain a Copy

Paying the duplicate SNGPL bill personally was no less than a pain in the neck as it demanded more time and embarrassment. From now onward, it will become a thing of the past. Technology and digital setup made these responsibilities smarter, swift, and more time-efficient. You can find classified information and procedure to check and pay the online SNGPL Bill here.

Duplicate SNGPL Bill


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You will be amazed to see how simple the procedure is to check online SNGPL bills. By simply clicking the button above will lead you there, where you can easily check your online bill. Once you click the button, you find an easy way to check the payable bill. Such as, there will see a consumer box. You need to enter your 11-digit reference number from your bill and click submit. By just entering your reference number, the system will show your updated gas bill on your display screen.


Check SNGPL Application Status

In order to facilitate the consumers, Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) company has, too, digitalized its procedure; how to check online bills. Over 16 large distribution regions, SNGPL has introduced an online billing system- including all urban and rural areas within the premises of these regions. Consumers are required to check the bill on their own small devices. This procedure helps to avoid long queue standing, wastage of time, and time-taking analog setup. Above all, checking online bills through easy steps is promised to every consumer.

Duplicate SNGPL Online Bill

The company- SNGPL- is now able to maintain your billing record. It keeps all your bills, previous to the latest. To fulfill a number of obligations, you- seldom- need to provide or show your recent bill. So, by using the duplicate SNGPL online bill option, you can easily have access to your latest bill record. Sometimes you could lose or miss your printed bill, but it still to be paid. For that matter, you can easily print out your duplicate bill. To get a duplicate bill, you just need to connect your cell phone or computer to the internet and should follow the simple steps.

  • At first, you need to be on the main page of the company by clicking the following link. https://www.sngpl.com.pk/web/
  • Press the ‘Customers’ option once you get to the Home page.
  • Then press the ‘Consumer Bill’ option.
  • Once you get the consumer page visuals; next you only need to enter your 11-digits holding consumer number and submit the data.
  • After the submission, you will see the bill on the display screen.
  • Along with the soft display of the previous consumer bill, there will be a corner box option with a title of ‘print.’
  • Get the printed bill by simply clicking on the Print option.
  • Before you finally print it, set the printing commands, such as.
  • First of all, select the standard page size, i.e., A4.
  • Remember to erase all the header and footer values from the page.
  • The next step is to choose the layout display.
  • Then enter, ‘Print button.’
  • You can also download the soft form of the consumer duplicate SNGPL bill in pdf form.
  • The short key is being provided for more convenience; Home Page to Customers to Consumer Bill.

Key Note: There is another feature provided by the SNGPL website; you can store your bill history in the smart library given by SNGPL. From this library, you can check or print anyone of your previous month-vise bills.

How to Pay SNGPL Bill

The SNGPL payment options are fully automated, time-saving, and easier than ever. No bank visit, no office visit, and no hectic queue making at all. No working hour restrictions. You can pay anytime from anywhere around Pakistan. You can pay whatever option you do have in hand from the following list.

  • ATM payment
  • Mobile App payment
    • Jazz Cash, Easy-paisa, U account, etc.
  • Online- Internet- payment
  • Mobile Banking facility
  • NPOs/GPOs

Jazz Cash Payment Method

The more frequently used way to pay the different bills is the Jazz cash app—a well-renowned and trustworthy means to pay online. The procedure is simple and smooth. The company allows the users to pay SNGPL / SSGC consumer bills easily from their homes at any time.

sngpl bill

  • You should have an active jazz cash account.
  • *786# is the key code. Once you dial it, you will see a list of services offered by the Jazz Cash app.
  • You will see the option ‘Pay Bill’ on the second number of the list. Click that.
  • Next, you will see another list of bill types. Select ‘Gas Bill.’
  • Then you need to select ‘SNGPL’.
  • After selecting SNGPL, there will be a box that requires an input of an 11-digit SNGPL consumer ID.
  • Once you are done with ID, it will need your password key-MPIN– to proceed with the transaction successfully. (The password you maintain for the Jazz Cash account transactions).
  • You will receive a confirmation message once the transaction is done.
  • There is another ‘direct access’ towards paying the SNGPL online bill payment procedure; Just dial *786*2*2*2#, and you will be at stage 5. Insert the 11-digit ID and make the transaction. It will be done in just 3 simple steps.

if you find any issue you may contact or file a complaint.

A few other online services offered by SNGPL

SNGPL is the largest public-oriented distribution company of Gasoline in Pakistan. It has many hundreds of thousands of consumers across the country. These consumers are divided into 16 key regions. Among these more than a dozen regions, a few big cities have key importance in order to transmit and distribute natural gas.

As the main transmission set-up has been installed in Faisalabad, Multan, Wah, and Lahore. Due to its large network of distribution and transmission, the company has established a platform to organize and manage the cause. For instance, the SNGPL official page wonderfully manages the ‘Online Services’  option to let the public aware of the following key notices.

  • SNGPL Jobs
  • SNGPL Tenders
  • SNGPL Tariffs and Tax Certificates
  • SNGPL Demand Notice

if you want to pay your other utility bills, visit our site.