How to online register PTCL Complaint

You might think that complaint registration is a much more time-consuming process. But we have provided you ease by giving information on easy online methods related to ptcl complaint registration.

Online methods to register a complaint of PTCL 

register a complaint of PTCL


1- Registration of complaint by online submitting a form:

  1. First, select the type of PTCL product for which you facing the issue.
  2. Insert Service ID.
  3. Select the complaint type.
  4. Insert your email.
  5. City code is optional information.


How to check complaint status online

You can check your complaint status. For that, you just need to insert the following information:

1. Your PTCL Product ( the one for which you are facing an issue).

2. Your complaint No (you get the complaint number when you register the complaint online).


2- Registering complaints by using PTCL live chat service

PTCL “live chat” facility is available to provide you with the complaint registration in urgent cases. Yet, this service is time-restricted.

Available timings for complaints:

You can register any complaint via live chat from 9 am to 9 pm (PST).

Compliant Days:

Monday – Saturday

Procedure for using live chat facility:

  • By Clicking the button below a page will open.


  • On the lower right corner of this page, there is an option for starting a live chat.
  • Press the “+”.
  • Now you can register your complaint.

3- Utilizing PTCL helpline number for complaint registration:

In the case of unavailability of the internet, you can directly dial the helpline number provided by PTCL and easily register your issues.

PTCL helpline number: 1218

4- Email service by PTCL to register complaints:

Emailing is a professional way of registering complaints. You can email the representatives of PTCL and can register to complain to them.

Before sending a mail, make sure:

  1. Don’t use abusive language
  2. Your email must be formal.

Following are the email addresses provided:

[email protected]

[email protected]

5- How to register a complaint by sending a message:

SMS service provides convenience to the customers of PTCL. The procedure is very simple. You need to send the following information:

  1. Write a summary of your complaint.
  2. Include your landline number along with the area code.
  3. At the end mention your product code (for broadband use BB and for Landline use LL).
  4. Finally, send your message to 05 1218 1218


Your complaint 042563278971 BB


You can also type “HELP” and send it to 05 1218 1218


Above we have provided you several ways to register PTCL Complaints. These ways are via SMS, Call, Email, Live Chat, or submitting a form online along with required information. If you still have any difficulty registering a complaint or have any queries, then feel free to contact us. tracking a FESCO online complaint through a FESCO complaint number simplifies the process of monitoring the status of reported issues. This system provides transparency and enhances customer service by offering real-time updates. It empowers consumers to stay informed about the resolution progress of their complaints. Overall, this feature is a valuable tool for ensuring accountability and efficient handling of service issues by FESCO.

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