MEPCO Online bill Enter 14 digit Reference Number

To get your Multan MEPCO Online bill Enter 14 digits reference number so you can download and print your electricity bill and pay it to your nearest Bank

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MEPCO Online bill Enter 14 digit

If somehow a hard copy of your Bijli Bill is not delivered to your place, there is no need to worry. You can get its duplicate online from our website The simplest and easiest way to get the MEPCO electricity bill is to click on the given link below. After clicking that button, a new window will open, and a form will appear.

Please enter 14 digits reference number in the field available on the form and submit it. That is it, after submitting the form, a copy of the e-bill will appear on the screen as a result, and you can download it easily.

This facility of billing is available in all 13 districts of Pakistan, where Mepco provides its services.

You can get your Mepco duplicate e-bills online, download, and print a copy of your bills here.

The reference number is a 14-digit unique number on the top left corner of the bill. It is in this form 12 1234 1234567 U.MEPCO Online bill Enter 14 digit


To visit MEPCO Online MIS, you need to visit this website.

MEPCO MIS cannot be accessed without a username and a password. So, if you don’t already have an account, you are denied access. The website asks you to enter the login details, authorized username, and password, and then click on login to enter.

MEPCO Online MIS is developed and maintained by MEPCO Computer Center Multan, and MEPCO reserves all rights.

MEPCO Helpline Multan

If you want to contact MEPCO, you can either visit their Customer Service Center or call them. The Telephone Directory lists all the official numbers. You can access the Telephone Directory using this link

You can find the location on Google Maps of the MEPCO Headquarters and their customer service centers using this link

If you want to register a complaint regarding unscheduled Load Shedding or Power Shutdown, then you can do it using either this number 061-9220313 or on this number 061-9220314. You can also register your complaint on the Toll-Free Number 0800-63726. 



The company came into existence on 14 May 1998 after the Pakistan Government decided to corporatize the energy sector to provide better and quality services to the public. The source of generating energy is water (hydroelectric power).

Among 10 electricity provider companies in Pakistan (Multan Electric Power Company) is the largest electricity provider company. Also, MEPCO is serving an area of 105505 sq. KM, having an 8381-power transformer (293 Nos. and 8088 MVA). The length of 132 kV and 66 kV transmission lines are 3929 and 872, respectively.

The network of High-tension lines and Low-tension lines spread to 76057 KM and 40007KM. This contains 169938 Nos. distributed Transformers and 1392 Feeders (Nos.). The average length of 54.64 KM line of Feeder.

On the other hand, during 2001, the distribution network was seventy-one 132 kV and thirty-four 66 kV sub-stations. Moreover, by the year 2013-14, sixty-eight 132 kV and twenty-seven 66 kV sub-stations have started to function in the company.

Most of all, it is the only company to inaugurate two advanced and crewless grid stations. The first crewless 66 KV Bukhashan Khan grid station was established last year. The second crewless 132 KV grid station was inaugurated at Soraj Miani.


  1. To play an active role in making “Sar Sabaz and Roshan Pakistan.
  2. Facilitate the agriculture and industrial sector
  3. Ensure the un-interrupted & stable power supply to all our customers
  4. State-of-art customer care for the entire satisfaction of customers
  5. Provide electricity to every village in the jurisdiction of the company
  6. To establish, construct and operate a reliable electricity distribution network.

Mission Statement:

To ensure the convenient availability of high-quality power in the area of responsibility to alleviate poverty, improve quality of life, and make the Industrial and Agriculture Sector competitive in the World Market.


How do I pay my MEPCO Bill online?

You can pay your bill online through the bank online system, Easypaisa, and JazzCash. Just get register to Easypaisa, JazzCash, and the online banking system of the bank you are using. Login to your account, go to “Bill Payments,” and select the “Pay Bill “option of the respective bill.

How do I get my MEPCO bill via SMS?

You can get your bill via SMS by going to, enter your reference number and mobile number in format 923211234567. Now click on the submit button, but this service is currently unavailable and available after the update.

How can I check my MEPCO online bill?

To check your bill online, you can click here. Enter your reference number in the form that appeared and submit it. You will get your recent bill.

How do I know my consumer number on the electricity bill?

On some bills, the consumer number is also, called the reference number. It is a 14-digit number that is allocated when the electrical connection is provided to an individual. It is present on the top left corner of the bill.

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