How to Change Consumer Name on FESCO Bills?

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) provides electricity to a vast consumer base in the Faisalabad region. If you’ve recently undergone a name change and need to update your details on the FESCO bill, this guide will take you through the step-by-step process. 

Change Consumer Name on FESCO Bills

Changing your name on your FESCO bill is a straightforward task that can be done through the ENC (Energy Numbering and Customer) system. There are two ways to change your consumer’s name on the FESCO bill; choose a method of your choice and follow the given instructions to update your consumer’s name:

Use ENC System

Below are the steps to change a consumer name on FESCO bills:

Step 1: Open your browser and go to the ENC’s official website.

Step 2: Press the Change button, as shown in the following screenshot.

fesco consumer name

Step 3: Select the Application type as Change of Name, as demonstrated in the following screenshot.

fesco consumer name

Step 4: Fill out the form with the required details for the change of name application. Note that fill out the information that is only required for the Change of Name.

Step 5: Attach the required documents; these documents include an attested copy of the applicant’s CNIC, a copy of the applicant’s electricity bill, and ownership proof; see the following screenshot:

fesco consumer name

Step 6: Accept the terms & conditions by checking the I agree checkbox.

fesco consumer name

Step 7: Fill in the Captcha and click on the Submit button to apply. Before submitting your application, make sure that all the provided information and documents are correct.

Step 8: You will start getting an updated bill in the new account holder’s name after the successful processing of your application.

Use the FESCO Customer Service Center

Follow the given instructions if you want to get your consumer’s name changed by visiting your nearby FESCO customer service center:

Step 1: Get the application form from the FESCO customer service center. This form will serve as a foundation for your request. So, make sure you get this form from an official source.

Step 2: Fill this form with the new account holder’s name and provide the required details, such as property address, account number, and contact details. Accuracy of information is very important, so ensure all the details are correct and up to date.

Step 3: Attach the necessary documents, such as a copy of the new owner’s passport or national identity card (NIC). Include the transfer letter if you are changing the consumer’s name due to property transfer. Double-check all the documents for their validity.

Step 4: Submit this application with all necessary documents to the FESCO customer service. You can also use the dedicated drop boxes for application submission.

Step 5: Once your application is submitted, the FESCO representative will process your request; however, the time it takes to process the application may change depending on your request’s complexity and the workload of the FESCO representative. So, be patient and stay in touch with FESCO customer service for updates and application progress.

Step 6: Once the application is processed without any issues, the FESCO will update your consumer’s name on your bill, and you will start getting updated bills in the new account holder’s name.

Be aware that there may be a nominal fee for the name change, so be prepared for this potential cost.

Benefits of Changing Consumer Name

There are multiple advantages of changing your consumer’s name on your Fesco online bill, some of which are given below:

  • Accurate Records – Ensures that your electricity bills reflect your updated and accurate personal information.
  • Legal Compliance – Helps you remain in accordance with legal requirements, especially if the name change is due to marriage or other legal reasons.
  • Convenience – Changing your name on your bill is an immediate and easy process that can be done from the comfort of your own home.
  • Avoids Confusion – Knowing that your name is correct on your FESCO bill can give you peace of mind and help to avoid any potential problems in the future.

Tips for Changing Your Name on Your FESCO Bill

Here are some tips to make the process of changing your name on your FESCO bill smoother:

  • Provide Valid Documents – Ensure that the documents you submit for the name change are valid and up to date.
  • Double-Check Information – Before submitting the request, double-check that all entered information is accurate to avoid delays in processing.
  • Monitor Communication – Keep an eye on the communication from FESCO regarding your request. Respond promptly if any additional information is required.

Updating your name on your FESCO bill is a simple and essential task that ensures your billing information is accurate and up to date. The ENC system provides a convenient platform for consumers to make these changes online.

By adhering to the outlined steps and tips, you can successfully change your name on your FESCO bill and enjoy the benefits of having correct and updated information associated with your electricity account.