SSGC Duplicate Bill: How to Easily Obtain Your Gas Bill Copy Online

We guide you on the smart way to check and pay your SSGC duplicate bill Online. Here, you can find how the company has made the consumer billing system digitalized and easily accessible.

Your Latest SSGC Duplicate Bill

A very simple way to check SSGC monthly duplicate bill to click this button

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This is direct access on the page of SSGC.

  • Just click the link and you will find a ‘View Bill’ page.
  • You just need to enter a 10-digit holding customer number. The customer is specific for your connection.
  • After entering the consumer number, you will see your latest SSGC duplicate bill within a second.

You can check and also can download the pdf copy of the bill. SSGC online customer service, now, promises to maintain all the previous to the latest billing data of every consumer. The Digital system of billing maintenance has multiple positive aspects. In the era of the analogue system, many users use to claim that they were unable to pay the dues because they have lost their bills or not delivered them.

Now, everyone can download, print duplicate ssgc bills and if you find any problem while downloading the bill then register your complaint on our ssgc complaint page. There are multiple technical problems and at the time you seek to fix them, you go to the office, and there you might be asked to show a few previous paid or payable SSGC bills. So, this online SSGC bill check will assist you in fine your previous bill.

A Few Important Things to Do while Checking SSGC Duplicate Bill Online

  • CNIC updates
  • 10-digit consumer number
  • e-billing and SMS alert service

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) operates fully in the regions of Hyderabad, Nawab Shah, Quetta, and Larkana. All consumers who fall in these gas network areas can use online billing services facilities.

  • For that matter, you only need to know about 10 digited customer numbers and the link to the webpage where you can find the copy of the bill.
  • Secondly, the most attractive service set up by the SSGCL is you can get an e-billing activation service.

E-bill Registration

SSGCL is operating on a very large scale. At the time, it is responsible to distribute and transmit natural gas at least in 1200 towns across Sindh and Baluchistan. To maintain smooth services for such a huge number of natural gas users, the company has taken some initiatives to develop a consumer database system.

The company asked every consumer to share a few numbers of core documents to produce a database system. For that matter, every consumer needed to submit its mobile number, CNIC number, and a valid e-mail address. Having all these simple but important credentials details, the company can develop a database for e-billing and SMS service activation.

  • You can enter your personal details directly at the following webpage to get your database service activation: This button moves you there.

Pay SSGC bill by SMS: e-Payment Description

There is a list of smart and safe methods through which every SSGC consumer can pay their dues. Obsolete and typical paying methods were time taking and irritating. Now, the company has transformed the way consumers ought to pay. Following are the classification of a few most convenient paying methods from home.

Internet and Online Banking Payment Channels

More than twenty recognized banking systems collect online payments from SSGC consumers. Here is the direct button to the page through which you can find the details of payment submission channels.


  • Once you click online banking application or webpage.
  • You need to log in to your account and select the option to pay your gas bills and fill in the information and go.
  • Only one time you need to activate your online billing service.
  • The applicant can also download a mobile application of a species in which he has an account. The same procedure the applicant can do using a mobile bank app.

One of the most efficient ways to pay SSGC online bills is to pay through the commercial banking system. A few prominent commercial banks receive online payments from SSGC consumers. The criteria to pay are simple and to the point. You just follow these links and click on the required bank in which you have successfully got an account. The name of the banks are as follows:

  • Allied Bank Limited
  • Askari Bank
  • Bank Alfalah
  • Bank Al Habib Private Limited
  • Faysal Bank Limited
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Islamic Bank
  • MCB etc.

Mobile Phone Bill Payment Method: Jazz Cash Payment

  • The direct and instant code to pay the SSGC bill is *786*2*2*1#.
  • After dialling this code, you now need only to give your 11-digit customer number and enter your MPIN.
  • Your SSGC bill will be paid quickly. You can find detailed information by clicking this button:


Most Pakistani nationals do not have a valid bank account. They belong to remote areas. They used mobile phones for their routine work. One of the most prominent mobile applications is the Jazz Cash app. SSGC / SNGPL consumers can also use this app to pay their SSGC bills every month.

The process is simple and to the point. Following are a few steps to take to pay the SSGC bill through the Jazz cash account:

  • In the first step dial *786#
  • Press the ‘pay bill’ option
  • Choose the type of bill’
  • Choose the name of the company-SSGC
  • Enter your reference number
  • Recheck your ‘transaction details’
  • Submit after entering MPIN

To use this means of payment you need to have the jazz cash app on your mobile. After signing up for the app you need to follow the above procedure and complete the procedure to pay your monthly SSGC bill.

ATM Payment Method

There are many ATM Branches: if you have any of these ATM cards. You can pay via ATM through a simple process. Apart from this method, there are a few other methods through which you can pay the dues. For example:

  • Bank Call Centers
  • Petrol Pumps
  • IVR (Integrated Voice Response)
  • Door Step Cheque Collection
  • Retail Shops
  • Credit Cards

How the Digital Technology revolutionized to Check and Pay Your SSGC Duplicate Bill Online 

Apart from the distribution and transmission of natural gas at high- and low-pressure systems, the SSGC has moved to digitalize the billing system to facilitate its consumers across their installation network to view or download SSGC duplicate bills at any-time. The company builds an effective system to maintain online facilities for its consumers.

This convenience does revolutionize the process to check consumer bills. Consumers have a sigh of relief as the personal collection of monthly bills used to be a hectic routine to get and to pay the bill. Except for checking and paying, maintaining the record was difficult for every client. There are many formal obligations for that you need to show or attach a gas bill.

So, now all these formalities are maintained automatically through the use of digital technology. The company has set-up an official app and an official webpage. By using these easy digital tools everyone can view or download SSGC duplicate in no time. This is possible by following a few simple steps.


How can I check my SSGC bill online?

Any customer can note down a customer from any SSGC bill. Which is different for each consumer. On the official web link, the customer needs to submit that specific 10-digit customer number and can check his/her SSGC bill online.

What options are available for payment of Gas bill?

The company has established a shared mechanism with commercial banks and a few prominent mobile apps to pay the gas bill from home. In this matter, all the scheduled bank branches, commercial banks, and easy paisa and jazz cash applications are justified means to pay consumer dues.

Do SSGC offers instalments of the Gas bill?

Yes, the company offers easy instalments to pay the bigger number of dues. To take this opportunity, consumers should contact CFC for the instalments process. It is a very easy and public-oriented facility to take. There are no many uncomfortable formalities to deal with to opt for this offer.

What is the billing cycle and timeline that the company follows to bill its customers?

The SSGC consumers find their monthly bill after the directives ordered by OGRA to SSGC. The company conducts 30-days meter readings to serve gas bills. In this way, the company has arranged a classified infrastructure to distribute gas bills 365 days a year. The SSGC billing system promises consumers to get updated every month and annual sum up and issuance of dues.

What is provisional billing?

Sometimes the gas meter shows dysfunction. It does not depict the monthly reading of gas units. To coup up with this problem, a provisional bill is generated and issued. The billing cycle decides the amount of provisional bill as per the history of the meter consumption. If this happens, the authorities must remark the reasons for the provisional bill. If the customer finds any exaggerations, he/she can contact CFC authorities to resolve the issues.


The SSGC has established fool-proof customer management digital services to assist consumers to pay and check the SSGC online duplicate bill. All consumers can have benefits to utilize the digital setup developed by the company. Customers can now enjoy the digital paying system from home anytime and lessen their burdens.