LESCO Bill Online | LESCO Duplicate Bill

You can now check your LESCO bill online. Additionally, you have the convenience of printing, downloading, and making online payments for your LESCO duplicate bills.


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LESCO Online Bill Check

A Duplicate Copy of the Electricity Bill comes in handy if you ever lose your bill’s original copy and need to submit your bill. You now no longer need to visit the head office or the customer service center to acquire a digital copy of your bill. It is easily accessible online on the official LESCO website www.lesco.gov.pk.

LESCO Duplicate Bill

You need to enter the Reference Number of your LESCO Customer Bill to access the bill’s duplicate copy online. Make sure to enter the Reference Number on your most recent or latest LESCO Bill because the reference numbers are often revised, and the old reference number may not work.

After entering the Reference number, click on “View/Download Bill” to view or download your bill.

Instead of a reference number, you can also use your Customer ID to access your bill’s duplicate copy. For consumer ID, enter the consumer number on the bill.

You can also then print out this bill and use this physical copy to pay your bill. Moreover, there is also an option for LESCO Bill Online Payment that you can avail of.

The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) is one of the top and most well-known electric supply companies in Pakistan. Under its jurisdiction lies the districts of Lahore, Kasur, Okara, and Sheikhupura. It has been duly supplying electric power to these areas since its inception on 22nd March 1998. Using the recent advancements in technology, LESCO has now made everything much easier for ‘ comforts consumers’ comfort.

Everything can now be done online, without having to leave the comfort of our homes. You can now check the duplicate copy of your LESCO Bill Online. Not only that, but you can also now print, download, and pay your bills online.

The Physical copy of the WAPDA Electricity or Bijli Bill is dropped at the doorstep of its consumers’ homes at the start of each month. You must have a physical copy of the bill with you to pay it. Previously, the customers were required to visit the head office or the customer service center if they lost the physical copy of the bill, misplaced it, or even if the bill was never delivered to them in the first place due to some problem.

It was quite a problem for some people, especially those who live far away and can’t visit the head office or the customer service center quite that often.
LESCO digitized all of its processes for the comfort of its consumers. Customers can now easily access all the information and the application forms online without leaving their homes. You can now check the duplicate copy of your Bijli Bills online, register your Lesco complaint online, apply for a new connection online, and check the status of your complaint, or your complaint history online too.

Online Payment

You can submit your Electricity Bill by taking the physical copy of your consumer bill to a bank with the stipulated amount of money. But this process might be difficult for some people, especially those who don’t have the luxury of living in cities and those who have to travel using public transportation.

Moreover, physically submitting your bills might take hours because you have to wait in line for your turn.

To avoid all these problems, LESCO has introduced Online Bill payment options that allow its customers to submit their people without leaving their homes’ comfort.

They are now able to make Bill payments through credit cards.



LESCO Helpline

You can contact LESCO by visiting their head office, or you can contact it using different numbers depending on the purpose of your call. If you visit their head office, its official address is 22/A Queen’s Road, Mozang Chungi, Lahore, Punjab 54000.
But if you need to call them, then the numbers are mentioned below.
If you need to make a complaint regarding power failure, then make sure to call any of these numbers

The LESCO Complaint number is 0800-00118.

LESCO also has different Department Basis Addresses and Helpline Numbers such as the number and the address of Lesco Customer Bill Service, General Manager Operation, Finance Directorate, etc. You can access the entire list here


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is fpa in the Lesco bill?

A: FPA stands for Fuel Price Adjustment. The Electric Companies adjust the fuel price, and NEPRA decides the fuel charge adjustments to account for the generation mix variational prices.

Q: Where can I find out information about LESCO Installment Powers?

A: You can find out about LESCO Bill installments from their official website using this link

Q: Does LESCO have a bill SMS alert?

A: Yes, there is a LESCO bill SMS alert available, and you can register for the SMS service.

Q: How many districts does LESCO cover?

A: LESCO covers 4 districts. They are the districts of Lahore, Kasur, Okara, and Sheikhupura.

Q: Can I pay my LESCO Bill Online?

A: Yes, you can pay your LESCO Bill Online. Check out these payment options.