FESCO Demand Notice: Understanding Your Electricity Billing and Charges

Electricity makes our homes and gadgets work, and FESCO (Faisalabad Electric Supply Company) helps get it to us in Pakistan. If you’re a FESCO customer, you might have seen a paper called FESCO Demand Notice; this guide will help you understand what it is, why you get it, and what to do if you find one in your mail.

Understand the FESCO Demand Notice

A FESCO Demand Notice is an official message from the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company to a customer with pending electricity payments. This notice acts as an alert, notifying the customer that their payment for the electricity bill is past due, urging them to resolve the outstanding balance promptly.

FESCO issues these notifications to inform customers about their unpaid bills and encourage them to take immediate steps to clear their financial obligations.

Reasons for Getting FESCO Demand Notice

Receiving a FESCO Demand Notice can occur for various reasons, all connected to the consumer’s electricity usage and the need to settle outstanding bills. Here are common reasons for getting a FESCO Demand Notice:

Unpaid Electricity Bills

The primary reason for receiving a FESCO Demand Notice is outstanding electricity bill payments. If a consumer fails to pay their bill by the due date, FESCO issues a Demand Notice to alert them about the overdue amount.

Late Payments

FESCO may issue Demand Notices in cases of late payments. Even if the consumer has paid a portion of the bill but hasn’t settled the entire amount by the due date, they may receive a notice prompting them to clear the remaining balance.

Missed Due Dates

Failure to pay the electricity bill by the specified due date can lead to the issuance of a Demand Notice. This serves as a reminder to consumers to prioritize settling their bills promptly to avoid additional charges or service disconnection.

Meter Reading Discrepancies

Discrepancies in meter readings, whether due to technical issues or inaccuracies, can lead to discrepancies in billing. If such issues are identified, FESCO may issue a Demand Notice to rectify the billing information and collect the accurate amount owed.

New Connection Charges

For consumers applying for a new electricity connection, FESCO may issue a Demand Notice to collect the initial connection charges and ensure that the consumer pays for the electricity services they are using.

Additional fees

Sometimes, consumers may incur additional fees or charges, such as meter rent or service fees. Failure to pay these additional charges promptly could result in issuing a Demand Notice.

Government Taxes

FESCO includes government taxes in the electricity bills. If consumers do not fulfill these payment obligations, a Demand Notice may be issued to communicate the outstanding government-related charges.

Regulatory Compliance

FESCO may issue Demand Notices to ensure regulatory compliance and adherence to the company’s billing and payment policies. This helps maintain transparency and accountability in the billing process.

Understanding the reasons behind receiving a FESCO Demand Notice is important for consumers to take timely and appropriate actions. Addressing outstanding payments avoids additional charges and ensures a continuous and uninterrupted supply of electricity.

Navigating a FESCO Demand Notice: Your Action Plan

If you find a FESCO Demand Notice in your mail, don’t worry! Here’s a step-by-step guide on what you can do:

Check the Numbers

Look at the numbers on your electricity meter and the units mentioned in the notice. Make sure they match what you think you’ve used. If something seems off, don’t hesitate to tell FESCO.

Understand the Prices

The notice talks about prices for the electricity units you use. If it sounds confusing, ask FESCO to explain. Understanding the prices helps you make sense of what you’re paying for.

Look for Extra Charges

Sometimes, there might be extra charges or taxes on your bill. Check for these and understand what they’re for. Knowing where your money is going helps you understand your bill better.

Pay on Time

The notice has a date telling you when to pay your FESCO bill. It’s important to pay by this date to avoid any extra charges or losing your electricity. Timely payments keep everything running smoothly.

Ask for Help

If there’s something you don’t understand, don’t be shy about asking FESCO for help. They are there to explain things and ensure you have a clear picture of your bill.

Remember, dealing with a FESCO Demand Notice is simpler than it seems. By following these easy steps, you can ensure that your electricity payments are in order and you clearly understand your usage and charges.


In conclusion, understanding FESCO demand notices is crucial for consumers to manage their electricity billing effectively and comprehend the charges associated with their usage. By carefully reviewing these notices, individuals can gain insights into their electricity consumption patterns, tariff rates, and any additional charges applied by the utility provider. This understanding enables consumers to make informed decisions about their energy usage, identify opportunities for conservation, and budget effectively for their electricity expenses.