How to Check FESCO Bill without Reference Number

For all the residents relying on the Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO), keeping track of your electricity bills is an important aspect of managing your household expenses. However, the challenge arises when one has to check their FESCO bill without having the reference number available. 

In the guide below, you will find various methods to access your FESCO bill conveniently, even when you do not have or do not remember the reference number.

Use Consumer ID

Follow the given steps to use your consumer ID to check your electricity bill online:

1: Before moving forward, locate your consumer ID on your current or any previous bill. It is a 10-digit number.

fesco bill without reference no

2: Go to website.

3: Choose the Consumer ID option as shown below.

4: Enter your Consumer ID (10-digit number).

5: Click on the Search button to process the provided 10-digit number.

6: Once it is processed, you will see a View button; click on that to view your FESCO bill in a new tab.

fesco bill

If the provided consumer ID is incorrect, you will not be able to view your FESCO bill.

Contact FESCO Customer Support

Follow the given instructions to check the FESCO bill without the reference number:

  1. Dial FESCO customer support at their provided helpline number, 0800-34373.
  2. Carefully follow the automated instructions or wait for the customer representative to answer your call.
  3. Provide your consumer ID and explain your issue.
  4. The customer service representative will resolve your issue and help you with getting your bill.

Whenever you think of calling FESCO customer service representatives, make sure you have your account details ready, such as your name, address, and meter number. It will help you quickly locate your bill.

Additionally, you can activate SMS service or email service to get your bill details without any issues.