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Check your duplicate GEPCO Bill online (Electricity Bill for Gujranwala),  you can also download, print, and even pay them online now.

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Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited (GEPCO) is an autonomous and independent authority that deals with water resources and the Power System Network that includes the Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of Power to the existing districts of Sialkot, Gujranwala, Narowal, Hafizabad, Gujrat, and Mandi Bahauddin.


The Advancements in Technology have made it possible for us to check our Bills without leaving the comfort of our homes.

Previously, if we ever lost our bill, we were required to wait in long queues to get access to the physical copy of our bills, but now we no longer need to stand in long lines or wait inside a bank to get our Bijli Bills or for the payment of our Bills because everything can be done online now.

We get access to our Electricity Bills’ physical copy when they are dropped at our doorstep at the start of each month.

But the physical copy can be misplaced either by you or the courier person or may not even reach the required address due to any unfortunate event.

Luckily now, thanks to technology, we can get access to the duplicate copy of our bills and your bill status (whether your bill is paid or not) without having to leave the comfort of our homes. The Duplicate GEPCO Bill can then be downloaded and printed. You can also use the printed physical copy of the bill to pay it or pay it online without taking a print of it.

How to View Duplicate GEPCO Bills Online

To view your Bill online, you must first have a Reference Number.

Getting a Reference Number

The Reference Number is just like an account number. It is used to identify your bills. GEPCO assigns MPAN against every electrical connection it provides.

MPAN stands for Meter Point Administrator Number, and it is just like a Reference Number. It also consists of 14 digits and is used for the identification of your GEPCO Bills. You can find it at the top of your bill, on the left-most column of your printed Bills. To view your Bills online, you must have MPAN.

Checking Duplicate Gujranwala GEPCO Bills Online

Once you have your MPAN, you can follow the steps given below to check your GEPCO Bill online:

  • Firstly, Click on the button above.
  • Then, Enter your MPAN without space.

Finally, Click on Submit
After you click on Submit, the Duplicate Copy of your GEPCO Bill will be displayed.

Downloading and Printing Duplicate GEPCO Bills

To download or print the Duplicate Bills, follow these steps first to view the GEPCO Bill and then download or print it.

  • Firstly, Click on the button above.
  • Then, Enter your MPAN without space.
  • Finally, Click on Submit

Your Electricity Bill Statement will be displayed on the screen.


  • Press Ctrl+P
  • Then, A list of options will be displayed; click on Save.

The Duplicate copy of the GEPCO bill will be saved on your device.


  • Press Ctrl+P
  • Then, Set the Size of Paper
  • Set that size of Paper in the printer too
  • Finally, Click on Print.

A copy of the bill will be printed.


GEPCO MIS has an entire official website dedicated to it where you can check the MIS Reports. The site was developed by the GEPCO Computer Center and is also maintained by them. GEPCO reserves all rights to the GEPCO MIS site and its information. But you must first have an account to view the MIS Reports.

This site requires a Username and a password. If you don’t already have an account, you can’t access this link

GEPCO Online Bill Payment

GEPCO has made bill payments extremely easy now. Instead of having one bank where everyone was supposed to wait for their turn in long queues, you now have several different options to pay your bills online easily. You can pay your GEPCO Bills with ease at one of these collection points:

  • One Link
  • Easy Paisa
  • All of the Commercial Banks
  • Collection Points of NADRA

All of the Post Offices

Gujranwala GEPCO Load Shedding Schedule

GEPCO’s official website also provides Load Shedding Schedules. You have several different options to choose from. You can check the Consumer Wise Load Management Schedule, the daily power outrage report, or you can get the Load Management Schedule for:

  • Zero Load Shedding Feeders
  • High Loss Feeders
  • All Feeders

GEPCO Tenders

Information regarding the different types of tenders: Their Description, Upload Date, Expiry Date, The Tender Capacity, and Opening date and time can be found on

GEPCO Tariff

GEPCO Tariff is the duty or tax paid on the Electrical Power that a person is acquiring from GEPCO. All the information regarding the Fixed Charges, Applicable Variable Charges, and Uniform Tariff Variable Charges for Residential, Commercial, General Services, Industrial, Single Point supply, Agricultural Tariff, Temporary Supply Tariff, Seasonal industrial Supply Tariff, Public Lighting, Railway Traction, and Special Contracts can be found at the

GEPCO’s Staff

The message of the CEO of GEPCO is to “maintain the supply and other services to our esteems customers in a safe work environment.” GEPCO is quite transparent when it comes to its staff. All the information about their staff member and the information regarding their top management and seniority list are available on their website.

GEPCO Helpline

Division’s Contact Numbers

There is a separate contact number for each division. You can access the list at

Gepco Head Office Address

565/A Grand Trunk Rd, Industrial Estate Model Town, Gujranwala, Punjab 52250

Contact Number

(055) 9200519

Customer Service Centers

Apart from a head office, GEPCO has three different Customer Service Centers located in Narowal, Sialkot, and Gujrat. Also, if you face any issues, you can visit gepco complaint procedure.

Customer Service Center Contact Number Location
CSC Gujrat 053-9260290 GEPCO Complex, G.T Road, Gujrat.
CSC Sialkot 052-9250693-94 GEPCO Colony, Shahabpura Road, Sialkot.
CSC Narowal 0542-412666 132 KV Grid Station Narowal.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is GEPCO?

GEPCO stands for Gujranwala Electric Power Company Limited, and it is set up over the area, which was previously under the administration and jurisdiction of the Area Electric Board. It currently encompasses Gujranwala, Sialkot, Mandi Bahuddin, Hafizabad, Narowal, and Gujrat.

How can I check my GEPCO Bill Online?

In our article, you will find a button that will direct you to a page through which you can check your GEPCO bills online. If you want detailed instructions, you can check our article above.

Does the district of Sialkot come under GEPCO?

Yes, the districts of Sialkot, Gujranwala, Hafizabad, Narowal, Gujrat, and Mandi Bahuddin all come under the jurisdiction of GEPCO.

Can I pay my GEPCO bill online?

Yes, it can be easily paid online through EasyPaisa, JazzCash, ATMs, etc. Check our Bill Payment Methods for details regarding the online payment of GEPCO Bills.

What are Reference Numbers?

Reference Numbers are just like Account Numbers, and they are used to identify your electricity bills. You need your Bill’s Reference Number if you want to check it online or pay it online.