FESCO USPS: Postal Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency

When winter gets chilly, FESCO has a plan to help you with your electricity bills. It’s called the Uniform Seasonal Pricing Structure (USPS). From November 2019 to February 2020, FESCO is on a mission to make your winter FESCO bills more manageable. This guide will explain how FESCO’s USPS works and how it can benefit you during the cold months.

FESCO USPS and Eligibility Criteria

USPS, or the Uniform Seasonal Pricing Structure, is a lifeline for you during winter. FESCO created this program to make your electricity bills consistent and more affordable. 

They set a fixed rate of Rs. 11.97/kWh for using extra electricity during this time. This helps you avoid surprises when paying your winter utility bills.

Additionally, this structure aims to provide relief to specific categories of consumers by offering a fixed rate for excessive units consumed during this period.

Eligibility Criteria and Consumer Categories

USPS isn’t the same for everyone. To get help during winter, you need to be in specific groups. These include:

  1. Domestic Category A-1 (b) with Time-of-Use (TOU) meters
  2. Commercial consumers A-2 (c) with TOU meters
  3. All industrial categories (B-1, B-2, B-3, and B-4). 

Knowing which group you belong to is the first step to getting the benefits of USPS.

Operational Mechanism of USPS

How does USPS work, and how does it change your electricity bills? Between November 2019 and February 2020, if you used more electricity than usual, FESCO charged you a fixed rate of Rs. 11.97/kWh.

FESCO carefully examined how much electricity you used this month compared to last year to calculate any extra charges. This ensures fair and consistent billing during winter.

Exclusions and Exceptions

While USPS helps many people, it doesn’t apply in some cases. If you have problems with your electricity meter, are an industrial consumer with a specific billing method, disconnected, or didn’t use any electricity, you might not get relief from USPS.

Special Relief for Industrial Consumers

Industries are vital to our economy, and FESCO recognizes their importance. Industrial consumers get special help under USPS. They get relief if they use a lot of electricity during peak and off-peak times.

They also get extra ISP-2019 relief at Rs. 3/unit on the remaining peak electricity consumption. These measures show that FESCO cares about supporting industries during the winter.

Calculations, Assessments, and Transparency

The following factors are considered to ensure transparency and accountability:

  • FESCO makes sure everything is clear in how they calculate your bills.
  • They carefully check your bills, subtract any relief you should get, and keep a record of the extra electricity you use.
  • This helps them calculate the taxes you need to pay based on what you owe. It’s a fair way to understand your bills better.
  • The difference between off-peak and peak consumption will be evaluated independently for TOU consumers.

Important Considerations in FESCO Pricing

FESCO works hard to make sure everyone pays a fair price. They make adjustments if you use more electricity during off-peak times than peak times. 

They also adjust if you use more electricity during peak times than off-peak times. This keeps things balanced and fair for everyone, promoting responsible energy use.

FESCO’s USPS isn’t just about helping you with your bills; it’s a sign of their dedication to providing affordable and reliable electricity during the winter. 

By understanding how USPS works and taking advantage of the help it offers, you can navigate the winter months with confidence. Keeping an eye on your FESCO bill helps you make smart decisions about energy use. FESCO is committed to making your billing experience transparent and easy.


In conclusion, the implementation of FESCO’s USPS (Utility Postal Solutions) represents a significant stride towards enhancing operational efficiency and customer service within the utility sector. By leveraging postal services in various aspects of their operations, FESCO can streamline communication, billing, and service delivery for its customers. Through initiatives such as bill delivery, notifications, and correspondence via postal channels, FESCO ensures that even customers without access to digital platforms can stay informed and engaged with their utility services.

NOTE: The information provided above is based on the following document; visit the FESCO’s official website for up-to-date details: