FESCO Departments

In Pakistan, FESCO is an essential entity which is responsible for distributing electricity in Faisalabad and its adjacent areas. Like any large and organized body, it also has various departments to accomplish different things efficiently. Below are the key FESCO departments with corresponding responsibilities.

Customer Service Department

This department is the FESCO’s frontline, which serves as a direct spot of contact between the company and its customers. It deals with various things related to customers, including customer inquiries, service requests, and complaints.

The primary goal of this department is to ensure customer satisfaction. It also helps in addressing the customers’ concerns promptly. From minor electricity issues to billing problems to a new connection request, the customer service department provides quality services to FESCO’s consumers by assisting them with a wide range of tasks. 

Commercial Department

This department is responsible and accountable for commercial operations, such as calculating and generating electricity bills for consumers accurately. It ensures transparent billing processes, manages the revenue collection process, and contributes to the FESCO’s financial stability.

Engineering Department

This department is responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining the electrical infrastructure of FESCO company. It is accountable for the processes of replacing old electrical equipment with new ones and repairing and maintaining the existing machinery.

To have all equipment working properly, the engineering department inspects and tests the equipment functions regularly. This includes the upkeep of substations, transformers, power lines and other equipment that is essential for electricity distribution.

Additionally, this department supervises the emergency response team that jumps into action during breakdowns or faults to restore power immediately.

Operations Department

This department of the company is responsible for operating FESCO’s electrical network. It is liable to assess the electricity flow across the network and detect and fix the issues or outages. It also collaborates with other departments of the company to ensure that all customers have proper access to their electricity services.


Human Resource Department

Having skilled staff is essential for FESCO to deliver quality services to its customers. This department is responsible for managing FESCO’s workforce; it handles recruitment, performance evaluation, training, and employee relations. It also helps in creating a conducive work environment and ensuring that the company has the required staff to fulfil the operational needs.

Finance and Accounts Department

As the name suggests, it manages the financial aspects of FESCO’s operations, including accounting, FESCO online bill, financial analysis and reporting, budgeting, and revenue collection processes. It ensures accurate billing and timely collection of dues to maintain the financial stability of the company.

Moreover, it plays a key role in financial planning and investment decisions to improve the infrastructure and service quality.

IT and Technology Department

IT and Technology Department plays a key role in implementing and maintaining technology solutions for the FESCO’s operation, be it a managing database to ensure cybersecurity or networks or software systems, it ensures and stays upfront of technological advancements in the power sector.

All of the above FESCO departments play a pivotal role in FESCO to ensure that its customers always get effective and efficient services.