FESCO Services

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company (FESCO) is known for its reliable electricity services. It not only caters to the energy requirements of the region but also illuminates and empowers communities across its service areas. 

FESCO Core Services 

Below are the services that FESCO offers to its customers:

Electricity Distribution: Powering Your Homes & Business

FESCO distributes power to its customer’s businesses and homes within its service area. For the effective distribution of electricity, it is transmitted from the power generation plants to FESCO’s substations and subsequently to the customers’ homes and businesses.

FESCO uses and well-established network of power lines and takes care of them to make sure electricity reaches every corner of their service area. This helps in making sure even faraway places get the power they need.

Additionally, it monitors its power network 24/7 to instantly identify and address the issues about power distribution, if there are any.

New Connections: Connecting Your World

If you are building a new business or home, or connecting to the grid for the first time, FESCO has you covered by providing new connections. Just hop onto the FESCO’s website, share the required details, such as your location, power requirements, etc., and submit the application. 

Once the application is approved, FESCO will immediately install a new connection right to your doorstep. Moreover, you can also visit FESCO’s customer service centres to apply for new connections.

Connection Modifications: Adapting to Your Requirements

Life changes with time and so do your electricity needs. FESCO understands that and provides you with connection modification services, be it changing capacity or upgrading your meter, FESCO is always ready to assist you.

All you have to do is apply for these modifications at https://fescoonlinebillcheck.pk/, you can also visit customer service centres for this purpose. The FESCO’s engineers assess your requirements and modify the connection. Additionally, they provide recommendations for the required connection modifications.

H3: Simplified Bill Payment

Paying your FESCO bill online is super easy due to multiple payment options. First, check FESCO bill online and pay it using FESCO’s user-friendly portal or mobile application.

Second, you can use alternative mobile apps, such as JazzCash, EasyPaisa, or other banking apps, to pay your electricity bill. Or visit one of the designated payment centres scattered throughout FESCO’s service area. You can choose any of the above options that suit you.

Meter Reading: Tracking Your Usage

FESCO is accountable for reading the customers’ electricity meters and noting them down to ensure correct billing based on your electricity usage. You can also use FESCO’s online portal to access your meter’s reading and billing history.

Looking for a tech-savvy touch? FESCO has implemented an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), offering an automated meter reading system and billing process. It allows you to read the meter remotely without the need for someone to physically visit your location. 

Also, offers faster billing processes, and more accurate data collection in real-time, such as customers can check their power consumption to make necessary adjustments.

Tariff Details: Understanding Your Cost

Looking for details about tariffs and rates for electricity consumption? Do not worry, visit FESCO’s online portal to dive into FESCO’s treasure trove of information and learn how to minimize power usage and save money. You can also find the required information by contacting FESCO’s customer support team. 

FESCO serves a range of tariffs that are designed to fulfil the requirements of various customer groups, including commercial, residential, and industrial users.

Fault Reporting and Maintenance: Prompt Solutions

Facing an electricity outage or service issue? FESCO has a dedicated fault reporting service just for that. Customers can use this service to report faults and defects via customer service centres, FESCO’s website or by calling the helpline number.

FESCO’s operation department works promptly to address and fix the reported problem and minimize the downtime for customers.

Customer Support: Support at Your Fingertips

FESCO customer support team is 24/7 available to assist their customers using various support mediums, be it a helpline, email, or online chat. Customers can contact FESCO’s support team using any of the mentioned ways, and ask for billing, meter readings, new connection, modification in the existing connection, or other electricity service-related issues.

Safety Information: We Care About Your Safety

FESCO is on a mission to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries caused by electricity. For this, it provides safety information, including safety tips for using electricity at your home and in the workplace. It also conducts safety training and workshops to educate customers about potential electrical dangers and how to keep yourself safe from them.

Energy Audit: Save Energy, Save Money

Are you getting electricity bills more than your expectations? FESCO provides energy audit services to assist residential and commercial customers by analyzing their energy usage patterns and providing recommendations for more efficient electricity use. This way, the customers can reduce their energy consumption and save money on bills.

Streamlined Operations

FESCO uses various strategic measures to serve its customers with streamlined and efficient operations; for example, it has streamlined its billing process to improve accuracy and minimize errors.

Additionally, the management of electrical infrastructure has further improved by implementing the Geographic Information System (GIS), which ensures that FESCO is committed to serving its customers with reliability and precision. 

FESCO Services Unique Aspects

There are multiple unique aspects of FESCO services, some of which are given below:

FESCO’s Contribution to Economic Development

  • Facilitating Industrial Growth – It helps industries and factories by providing them with a steady power supply, which assists businesses in growing and creating multiple job opportunities. 
  • Supporting Agriculture – FESCO brings electricity to villages which helps farmers use machinery and tools. This way, FESCO makes the farmers’ jobs easier and better.

Innovation and Technological Advancements

  • Smart Grid Initiatives – FESCO is taking advantage of technological advancements to manage their power grids better, which helps to save electricity and ensure all things work well.
  • Renewable Energy Projects – FESCO prompts the use of renewable energy sources, such as the sun, in its service area and offers net-metering facilities to customers who generate power using solar panels. This is good for the environment.
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure – FESCO implemented this system to modernize the billing and metering process, allowing accurate data collection, faster billing, and remote meter reading.

Community Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Community Development – FESCO not only distributes electricity but also provides free power connections to hospitals and schools in underprivileged areas. It also sponsors activities and events promoting community development.
  • Environmentally Sustainable Practices – FESCO is trying to be kind to the environment by using eco-friendly ways to produce electricity.

Quality Assurance

  • Your satisfaction is FESCO’s top priority. The company’s Quality Management System has been certified ISO 9001:2015, showing its dedication to quality.
  • Company meets the international standards and maintains a consistent level of high quality.
  • FESCO continually strives to ensure that it meets the evolving requirements of customers while promoting a sustainable energy future.