FESCO Helpline

FESCO never forgets its customers and provides them with quality services from downloading bills and paying them online to online help services. Below, you will find useful information about how to get in touch with FESCO via its helpline.

FESCO Helpline Numbers

If you have any query, complaint, or emergency, feel free to contact FESCO at the following helpline numbers to get your problem resolved quickly.

Phone: +92 (41) 9220184-9220229

UAN No.: 080066554

Fax: +92 (41) 9220233

You can find a complete telephone directory of your city here.

FESCO Bill Helpline FAQs

Most of the users find their solution in the following FESCO bill helpline FAQs:

How can a consumer get a new connection?

They can get a free-of-cost application from the sub-division, located in his area. After filling out the application, he needs to submit it in the sub-division, where a concerned clerk will provide them a receipt as evidence of application submission.

Then, this application will be in the sub-division and the consumer will get the new connection installed within one month. If there are any issues, such as the connection is not feasible for any reason, the consumer will be updated with the reason for the application’s rejection.

How can the low voltage problems be resolved in an area?

Contact the SDO/XEN/SE of your area to get it fixed. They will assess the problem and refer to FESCO headquarters for an augmentation job.

How can I record a meter reading?

The meter reading is recorded by a meter reader, who visits your location. He records the reading and enters it on the meter reading record and the consumer’s meter reading card simultaneously. This way, you, as a consumer, will be informed about the consumed units.

What should I do to extend the electricity’s load for commercial purposes?

FESCO offers an A& A form for this purpose. To get this extension, you have to deposit the difference in security between the sanctioned and applied load.

Additionally, you will have to pay the charges given below:

  1. The material cost needed for electricity load extension. 
  2. Did you receive any subsidy or benefit related to the capital connection cost when obtaining a new FESCO Connection? If so, you are required to pay that.

How can an incorrect bill be corrected?

If your bill has any errors then, you should report it to the corresponding revenue office/sub-division.

How many days are given for depositing electricity bills?

7 days are given.

Where can a consumer deposit the electricity bills?

FESCO has made arrangements with all scheduled Banks of Pakistan, UBL, Omni, Nadra, EasyPaisa, Bank Alflah online, and the post offices, who have specified their branches in all parts of the country to serve the consumers for making payment of their bills.

What should I do if I get the bill in my previous house owner’s name?

You can get the name changed and transfer it to your name. The procedure for changing the name is the same as prescribed for the new connection.

My new FESCO electricity meter is running faster than the older one, what should I do?

You don’t have to do anything. Your new meter is running perfectly fine; however, your old meter became slow with time or due to other issues.

How can I (a consumer) submit my complaints about FESCO?

You can call the above-mentioned numbers or submit your complaint about FESCO by under toll-free number 041-118.


How can I (a consumer) get General Information about FESCO?
You can get general information about the phone numbers and shutdown schedule departments at www.fesco.com.pk.


How can the dangerous wires/poles be removed from the doorway to prevent any kind of unhappy incident?

Visit the executive engineer operation of your area. They will make a chart containing the estimated cost for the relocation of wires or poles; this cost will be paid by the applicant.