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You can now check whether your Bills are correct or not using our Online IESCO Bill Calculator. Here we will provide the latest Unit Rates 2024 for your Connection Type.

Now that you have the leisure and the advantage not only to check and pay your IESCO Bill online or Download the Duplicate Bill, you can also check it to make sure it’s accurate. For this purpose, you can use our Online IESCO Bill Calculator.

It is simple, fast, convenient, quick, and also calculates the bill free of cost. Our Online Bill Calculator takes into account the consumed units for our connection type, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial, and uses the latest Tariff for the current year ( for example, it used the Tariff for 2021 currently) to generate for you an accurate estimate of the Electricity Cost.  You can click on this button to go to the calculator:

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IESCO Bill Calculator

IESCO Unit Rates for Residential Connection

Different Connection Types have different unit rates, and because the Tariff Guide explicitly mentions the units and price per unit for each connection type separately. The Units and the cost per unit for Residential Connection are given in the table below. In this table, the Applicable Variable Charges W.E F 01-01-2019 are represented. Furthermore, you can determine the unit rates for commercial and industrial connection types from the IESCO Official Tariff Guide.

Sr No. Units Price per Unit
1 50 and below 2.00 Rs
2 51 – 100 5.79 Rs
3 101 – 200 8.11 Rs
4 201 – 300 10.20 Rs
5 301 – 700 17.60 Rs
6 700 and above 20.70 Rs


IESCO Unit Rates for Other Connection Types

IESCO Charges each connection type differently and because the IESCO Official Tariff Guide explicitly mentions the units and price per unit for each connection type separately.

The commercial and industrial connection types’ unit rates are very much different from those for the Residential Connection type.

IESCO also has different unit rates for General Services, Single Point Supply, Agriculture Tariff, Temporary Supply Tariff, Seasonal Industrial Supply Tariff, Public Lighting, Residential Colonies that are attached to Industrial Premises, Special Contracts under NEPRA (Supply of Power) Regulations 2015, and lastly the Special Contracts.

On the official website of IESCO bills, you can also find the instructions for the Tariff Revised (01-07-2019). You can check the tariff and the unit rates for the Peak and the Off-Peak hours at this link. At the bottom of the page, you will also find the Tariff Revised Instructions.