How to register online SSGC Complaint

This page gives you a complete guide to registering online SSGC complaints, and easy access to all regional contact numbers, and facilitation centers locations.

Online Query Submission for SSGC Complaint

No matter what sort of consumer you are. Just press the button to select the category- Domestic, Commercial, or industrial- and submit your SSGC complaints online

Complaint Resolution Time  

No need to check the status of the SSGC complaint again and again because almost every possible type is mentioned concerning the expected plan of resolution on this button

Complaint Registration on Call 

In case to seek a quick answer to your query press this button, and you will have a directory of phone numbers from almost every nook and corner of SSGC network areas.

Direct access to regional facilitation centers  

Regional responding authorities can be in access by using phone numbers by simply striking this button.

Personal access to SSGC complaint offices

Locations and postal addresses of all regional responsible entities can be seen on this button.

Gas leakage and an unwanted incident SSGC compliant services

Consumers can report one of the most dangerous situations and complaints about the leakage of gas by following the instruction on this button.

Safety awareness queries

Sui gas users face most of the problems due to unawareness of safety education. By clicking this button, every consumer gets oneself educated to avoid any undesirable incidents.

SSGC compliant services

SSGCL has its huge and organized infrastructure to facilitate millions of consumers. Most of the time, many rules and regulations can create a mess to understand the procedure to follow. SSGC complaints services help users to get services in a very smooth way. On August 18, 2016 authorities from OGRA made an SSGC complaints mechanism for the general consumers and public that how can they ask for help from the company.

A complete guide to registering SSGC grievances

This forum has given a complete guide about how, where, and why the consumer can make a complaint. Following is the step-by-step features and mechanism detail.

  • First and foremost, when asking for questions, the complainer should know how and where to ask for help.
  • The consumer can make an emergency complaint or help at 1199 in case of any unfortunate incident.
  • While submitting an online query, the SSGC user needs to enter their personal details;
    • Customer type
    • Consumer ID
    • Title
    • Region/city
    • Contact number
  • All the emergency and quick helplines are available from Karachi to Sukkur
  • Safety education is a vital part of consuming natural gas at homes, industry, or commercial scales. The above link is vital before we consume the gas. A pictographic description can be very helpful regarding the safety of SSGC consumers.

Formal Obligations to Lodging SSGC Complaint

At the time to lodge customer grievances, a piece of particular information is needed to attach with the said complaints. Such as,

  • A valid Mobile or PTCL contact number of the customer
  • Submission of Customer or Meter number is compulsory
  • In case of a new applied connection, to follow up on the complaint, the SKETCH number is required
  • If the customer does not have any of the above information then a personal address must submit

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