WASA Bill Hyderabad Easy Online Bill Payment and Download

WASA Bill Hyderabad now offers an online bill-check system for its customers in Hyderabad. Our website provides guidance on handling lost or undelivered bills. Easily check and pay your bill using your 15-digit consumer number. Avoid late payments by creating a duplicate bill on our website.


How to check WASA bill Hyderabad online?

Online Hyderabad WASA Duplicate Bill:

Access your free duplicate WASA Hyderabad bill online through our website. Provide your 15-digit Consumer No to retrieve your bill. Avoid late payment penalties and disconnection by viewing and downloading your WASA bill online.

WASA Hyderabad Bill Payment Methods: 

WASA Hyderabad’s billing services are easily accessible to customers, eliminating the need to visit a bank. You can pay your bill using various internet platforms, including:

  1. Apps
  2. Websites
  3. Websites for banks
  4. NADRA website
  5. Via a retailer

Using mobile applications to pay bills online is convenient and easy. Many companies, such as JazzCash and Easypaisa, have created apps for this purpose. Learn how to utilize these apps for online bill payments.

Paying a bill at Wasa Hyderabad using the Jazz Cash app

Consider paying your bills, then select WASA as the company name and provide a reference number. Finally, proceed with making debt payments. Once you make the payment, you must wait to hear from WASA about your bill to confirm whether it has been paid or not.

Paying a bill at Wasa Hyderabad using the Easypaisa app

  1. To pay your bills, choose “Add Bill” under the “Pay Your Bills” link and enter the reference number.
  2. Proceed with making debt payments.
  3. Wait for confirmation of the successful transaction before proceeding.
  4. Additionally, before using the Jazz Cash app, ensure that your account has been verified through biometric verification at a merchant location, or transactions may not be successful.

Paying a bill using bank apps:

Several banks have created their own mobile applications to better serve their customers. Here’s how to use these applications to make bill payments.

Here are a few easy steps to follow:

  1. To pay your WASA bill, choose “WASA” under the “Pay bills” section and enter the reference number.
  2. Proceed with making debt payments.
  3. The app will notify you via email once the bill has been paid.

Paying a bill at Wasa Hyderabad using bank websites:

Simply follow the provided instructions to pay your bills through the bank’s website.

  1. To pay your bills, select the “Pay Your Bills” link and enter your credit card details and the reference number.
  2. Proceed with making debt payments.
  3. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after.

Paying Bills at WASA Hyderabad through Shop:

Customers may also make WASA payments at a physical store. Simply follow the provided instructions to complete the payment process.

  1. To pay your bill at a physical store, take your duplicate bill indicating the amount due along with the original copy to a nearby retailer.
  2. Provide them with your phone number and they will settle the bill.
  3. You will receive an SMS notification confirming the success of the transaction.

Through the NADRA Portal:

To pay your WASA bill, go to the bill payment menu and enter your customer ID, CNIC number, and account information. Then continue making your debt payments.

Bill SMS Service:

If you want to receive your WASA Hyderabad bill via SMS each month, you can sign up by providing your mobile number and account information. The official website for WASA Hyderabad is where you can find the option to receive bill SMS.

WASA Hyderabad Helpline Number:

WASA Hyderabad helpline number is 0229200106.


In conclusion, the Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) in Hyderabad provides several convenient ways for customers to pay their utility bills, including online payment through various platforms such as bank websites, mobile applications, and retail stores. Additionally, customers can sign up for monthly bill notifications through SMS to receive their bills promptly and avoid late payment penalties. With these easy-to-use options, customers can stay current on their bills and avoid the risk of service disconnection.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get a copy of Hyderabad Wasa Bill?

The 15-digit consumer number is required to obtain a copy of your  WASA bill, which can be easily checked and paid online through the official website. Generating a duplicate copy of your  bill is also convenient to avoid late payments.

Where can I access Wasa services?

Services can be accessed through any of the Customer Service Centres listed at 662-2302 with the respective extensions. You can visit any Customer Service Centre and fill out a Complaints Form or download the WASA Services APP to make inquiries about billing, leaks, no water complaints, property damage, and reports of illegal activities.

How I can deposit my WASA Hyderabad monthly bill?

WASA Hyderabad has provided several options to facilitate consumers for depositing their monthly bills. You can choose to deposit your Wbill through the following methods:

  1. You can deposit your monthly  bill at the WASA Hyderabad head office.
  2. You can pay using your Debit or Credit (VISA, Master) card.
  3. You can pay in person at the counter of certain banks, such as ABL, FWB, HBL, MCB, NBP, NIB, UBL, and Askari Bank Limited. Note that the bank branches should be located within the municipal limit of Hyderabad.
  4. You can pay at TCS branches.
  5. You can pay through Mobile Banking.
  6. You can pay through Internet Banking.

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