Now you can apply for a FESCO New Connection Online by simply filling out an online e-application form and submitting it.

FESCO has now digitized everything for the comfort and ease of its consumers. You can now not only check the duplicate copy of your Electricity Bills Online, but you can also now pay these bills online, register your complaints online, and even apply for a FESCO new connection online.

FESCO Bill Online has now solved this problem and made the entire process extremely easy for its customers by giving them the ability to register for a new connection online by just filling out an e-application form and submitting it online.

Registering for a FESCO New Connection Online

If you want to download the Application Form for the New Connection, you need to click on the link below:


If you want to submit your New Connection Application Online then Click on the Link Below:


How to Register for a FESCO New Connection online

You have two methods if you want to get a new electricity connection application form.

1- You can get it from your concerned subdivision

2- You can download it from the given link:

If you want to download the form:

  • Click on the 1st Button Above
  • Click on Click to Download Application Form
  • The Application form will be downloaded; you just need to fill it out and submit it to the respective Sub Division

If instead of downloading an application form, you need to submit your entire new connection application online, then:

  • Click on the 2nd Button Above.
  • First, select the company.
  • Then, Select the subdivision.
  • After selecting these, you must fill out all the mandatory fields.
  • Click on I Agree after reading all the terms and conditions.
  • Then, Click on Submit

Your application for the new connection will be filed.

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