How to apply for Sui Gas SNGPL New Connection

There are three kinds of Sui Gas SNGPL NEW CONNECTIONS offered by the SNGPL company. The following is a classified summary of the details.

Types of  Sui Gas New CONNECTIONS

Domestic Sui Gas New Connection

At the domestic level, it is now easy to request a new sui gas connection. There is no need to visit the office personally and wait for hours to take your turn.

There are a few steps to follow.

Step 1: First, you need to click the following web link.

Sui Gas Bill

Step 2: Once you click the above-given web-link, you will find yourself at an application submission page.

Step 3: The main theme of this page is, “Online application for domestic gas connection”. On this page, in the first place, there is an option to click for an SNGPL new connection.

Step 4: You need to submit all the required personal details obligatory for a new connection.

There is an online inspection team. This team investigates the information given and issues an acceptance on the same web page, conditionally, if the personal information is found true.

Key points: At the time of application you must aware of the fact that the area from where you are going to apply- seeking a new connection- must exist in the distribution network list.

The second thing to consider is, that you must fill in the application page with the correct information and complete it. It is mentioned clearly that if there is any kind of false information is found at any stage of the application process, the request for a new connection expected to be canceled or rejected.

To assist the natives the whole procedure is available in the native Urdu language. Briefly…

  • Truthfully complete the application
  • Your area must fall in the distribution network file
  • No misinformation is acceptable
  • Urdu description is available

Direct link to apply:  

Process Flow Chart

To ease the proceeding duration, the company has introduced a precise outline of each and every official step regarding application details. Having studied the flow chart, you will know all about the main proceeding levels. At what formalities one’s application ought to be clarified.

The summary of the flow chart is as:

  • Successfully submitting the application
  • Acceptance by the IT department and issuance of admission receipt
  • Team visits to the site
    • If the site is not feasible then officials notify the applicant and the company
  • The department issues demand notice if the site is feasible
  • The applicant is asked to sign a contract
  • Deliverance of security bill and service line
  • The charges need to be deposited by the applicant to the bank
  • A digital service agreement is started
  • Wait for your turn to get the connection

There is the link to download a pdf copy of the flow chart Description:

RLNG-based domestic gas connection for housing societies

Domestic and Special Domestic Connections

Condition 1: the applied site does exist in the SNGPL gas network region

There is a series of easy formalities that describe a whole procedure for successfully getting a new domestic gas connection. In the first step before the submission of the application, a group of SNGPL officials will visit the site. If your area falls in the region where the SNGPL network exits then you need to get an application form. This application form you can find at the following place;

  • Regional Office
  • Customer service center
  • Sub office
  • Online

Condition 2: Extension of Main Gas

The second condition is when the area in which you have applied for a new connection does not fall under the premises of the SNGPL gas network. Then you need to take an extension application form. The extension form is also available in the same offices as above and you can find easily it from the online SNGPL web page by clicking simply the given link.

Application Submission

The procedure to apply for a new SUI Gas connection is for you need to fill in the application form in CAPITAL LETTERS and then this application form must be submitted to the nearest customer service center, sub-office as well as a regional office.

Any one of them would be ok.

The following are the instruction and documents required to consider while submitting the application.

  • All the documents attached must be attested.
  • A duplicate copy of CNIC
  • A copy of the previous gas bill from the nearest neighbors
  • Evidence of ownership; a registry of the plot or legal documents
  • A proper acknowledgment receipt will further be used as a subsequent query and reference number.

An official survey to prepare House Line Plan

After a specific allotted time/merit to the application, a group of officials- a second time- will look in on the site and construct a feasibility report to allot a proposal letter. These officials at the time of the visit are supposed to prepare a plan called House Line Plan. This plan defines whether the gas connection is feasible- technically and operationally- there or not.

Demand Notice/ Proposal Letter

A package of demand notice and a house line plan will be granted to applicants. Apart from these two documents, a list of installation contractors will also be issued along with the contractor’s service rates. These are the company’s registered contractors. Applicants are free to choose any one of them to prepare the land for the installation.

The details of the services charges and security fee will be as:

Area Service Line Charges in Rs. Security fee in Rs Total
Up to 10 Marla 1500 4500 Rs. 6000
Above 10 Marla 3000 4500 Rs. 7500

At the Time of Installation

The concern of SNGPL company is two folds. The Company put the safety of consumers and avoidance of any unwanted incident- due to the leakage or inefficient installation of gas connection- as its priority.

Secondly, the company set a quality standard for installation. For that matter, the company registered a number of low- and high-pressure house-line skilled contractors.

These contractors are loaded with skilled manpower who are well aware of the standard requirement of the installation. They are responsible to ensure the connection must be leakproof after the gas consumption started.

Applicants have their own choice to deal with any one of these contractors hired by the SNGPL company. The service charges of the contractors should be settled on their own. It will not be included in the company’s service charges. The high-pressure consumers only will get the test report from contractors. No test report will be entertained to low-pressure consumers.

This test report has equal weightage to other documents and must be attached in a file along with other documents to the office. All service and security charges must be paid before the file submission.

No contractor has the credibility to receive the company service or security charges, they only have the authority to get their installation service charges. So, other charges must be paid to the company’s account.


The applicant must visit the office or any nearest branch to get all the necessary documents. One of the most important documents is a receipt obtained from the bank where a deposit of the service line and security charges are paid.

Along with other documents this receipt is supposed to be attached and a copy of this receipt should be maintained at home. The company can ask for this receipt more than once. Charges including- security fees, service line payments, and any other charges must be paid at the designated branch.

Allotment of connection

‘First come first serve’ is a policy of the company to entertain new gas connections. Once your turn is up, the distribution department is primarily responsible to install the pipe at the place of seeking connection. After piping, the same department is authorized to install a gas meter and commence gas supply at the site.

1st Gas bill

It will not be ready after a month but after 45 days when the connection was installed. Sometimes the distribution department may face some problems with the distribution of the first bill if this happens to you that you may not receive the first bill even after 45 days. Then you ought to contact the regional office to get your first bill.

Important note

Avoid delivering any kind of unnecessary payment to a contractor or an agent. It is nothing to do with company charges. The company does not accept any money but via bank deposit. If this happens anyway it is considered a crime and you can seek accountability against the culprit.

Exemption of Test Certificate for Domestic Consumers

Recently, the authorities on Petroleum and Natural Resources passed a resolution about the applicant of low-pressure houseline contractors. It is said that there will be an obligation for contractors to issue reports- for low-pressure house lines. No such document is obligatory to submit along with the application by the applicant.

On the contrary, all installation of pipes for a new connection must be done by the registered and skilled manpower finalized by the SNGPL company. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that no other contractor but the registered one will do the job by using the quality standard material declared by SNGPL.

The workers are responsible to check strictly leakage at a suggested pressure of the houseline. An undertaking form will be issued by the Sales section before the meter is fixed.  The development section is responsible to counter check and issuing this form. You can download the form from the below-given link:

Commercial Gas Connection

The process to apply for a new connection, whether it is domestic or commercial, remains the same. Although there are a few technical things to consider when applying for a commercial connection. Actually, the commercial connection is further subdivided into two sub-categories. These two sub-categories are further described below with their detailed procedure to apply.

Commercial General

The commercial general category is also known as the Low-pressure commercial connection type. The primary condition of this type is, if the consumer consumes up to 300 cubic feet of gas in an hour then this consumer falls into the category of commercial general. Next thing is to consider variations in the security charges payable to the company. It depends on the consumption requirements. On the other hand, the house line charges remain constant which is Rs. 5000. The monthly bill against commercial general connection includes sales tax, meter rent, and withholding tax.

The online form is available to apply for a general commercial connection and can be downloaded from the given link:

Special Commercial (Standalone Tandoor)

Special commercial gas connection or High-Pressure commercial gas connection. The limit of gas consumption exceeds 300 cubic feet an hour. Required work-load decides the amount of security deposit and service-line charges to the company. Billing charges at the end of each month include with-holding tax, sales tax, and meter charges.

An application form can be downloaded from the link below:

Industrial SUi Gas Connection

The application procedure is the same as the domestic gas application. Following are the description of industrial-scale consumers, on what basis a connection is considered Industrial gas connection.

The institution must be a production unit. More than 500 cubic feet of gas is considered to be consumed in any production industry. An official visit must be taken by the company administration once the application is entertained industrial category.

There are three categories of documents to apply for an industrial connection. It is divided as follows:

Annex (‘A’)

You can download an application form if your application is expected to be applied for RLNG-based Industrial Gas Connection. Here is the link:

Annex (‘B’)

You can further download another form to apply for an industrial connection is here:

Annex (‘C’)

The application form to apply for a connection RLNG-based captive power-industrial unit. you can follow them to get a pdf copy:

RLNG-based domestic gas connection for housing societies

On 12th April 2018, as a result of a joint venture among the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), SNGPL, and SSGC, the government of Pakistan decided to entertain new housing colonies and societies with RLNG-based connections.

OGRA briefed SNGPL and SSGC’s top authorities to allow the RLNG connections for domestic use in housing societies and colonies. Before this decision, industrial and commercial sectors can only have RLNG-based connections. According to the decision, from the date onward, new housing colonies and societies are now able to apply for RLNG-based connections for domestic use.

As per the correspondence between OGRA and Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) mutually mechanized a draft; in which the authorities from OGRA explained guidelines, pricing, and procedure to provide a connection to new housing colonies.

Both organs of Sui gas; SNGPL and SSGC are advised to ask and inform about the details of the applicant. Such as the name of the colony applied for RLNG-based connection, the required load, and the number of consumers. Then OGRA will issue the provision letter to allow for a connection.

OGRA letter describes a few formalities for an RLNG-based connection: A new consumer of this connection must pay Rs.15000 in place of a security deposit(refundable).

Secondly, for a default consumer, the company has the power to disconnect the connection services within or around 485 days. Rupees 1500 is a line- charges for a new connection and the area should be within 10 Marla or 300 square yards. The charges are 3000 for an area of more than 10 Marla or 300 square yards.

The application form is available at the below link. Any applicant needs to click and can see the requirement to apply, required documents, and other formalities. You can also download a pdf copy of the application form.

A Request Form for Name Change

To facilitate its consumers, SNGPL company has made it easier if any consumer wants or needs to transfer their gas connection to someone else. There are three main points to consider to change the name of the SNGPL connection.

  1. There can be two phases of an SNGPL connection: an active connection and an inactive or disconnected meter connection. For an active gas connection, if the consumer is also the owner of the property, or some power of attorney holder entity then, in that case, the company permits the user to transfer the gas connection by submitting a few legal documents. Among those documents a few documents are; legal ownership files or a stamp paper of property disputes etc. along with these papers, the consumer must provide a copy of CNIC, an affidavit, and the request form from this link. The complete transfer of gas connection is possible when, even, the security charges, are paid, also made the transfer to the updated user name. In case of security default or previous payable bill(s), a new user is not restricted to pay at the time of shifting the connection name. On the contrary, all the previous payable dues whether it is the security or some due bill(s), the new user must pay before the transfer procedure.
  2. The second is important in both situations; an active or in-active connection status. If the consumer is new to the place where a gas connection is installed. Then the new consumer is also applying to transfer the connection to his/her name. For that matter, the owner of the property must issue a NOC in the name of a new consumer. The expected new user should submit the awarded NOC along with a request form to the SNGPL office. In this case, no transfer of the previous security charge is possible to the name of the new consumer.
  3. All the transfer procedure is free of any official charges.

Important Guidelines to Consider

  • No matter what is the phase of the connection, whether it is active or not. The company signs a new and maybe a changed gas sales contract.
  • The applicant must use an affidavit worth 100 Rupees in his name without mentioning the current date.
  • In the case of the commercial and industrial gas connection transfer process, the user will not be able to withdraw security charges.
  • If the connection is active in the name of a joint owner. The new user is not restricted to get NOC from the joint owner(s). There may be a need for NADRA FRC to maintain a record. A gas bill holds, maybe, a title anyway. Such as “Rasheed Hussain and others”.

Advance Payment Plan

SNGPL has provided another marvelous facility to consumers. The company advises paying fees in advance a year-long consumption payment. Following are the benefits to pay in advance to the company. On average an applicant ought to visit 11 times a year to pay the dues.

This is a hectic and time taking responsibility. Another good point is that the Karachi Interbank Offered Rate (KIBOR) profits at the rate of -2% to reduce the monthly dues. Further, there will be no responsibility for a timeline to pay the dues throughout the year. Lessen the fear of extra charges in the order of late submission. Briefly.

  • No repeated visits to the bank
  • Swift and trouble-free enrollment
  • No extra charges for every month
  • No need to wait for the monthly distribution of the bill

Method to take the opportunity

You need to download an application form. Then you need to submit the form to the Regional office of billing services. The applicant will get the payable dues including the bill charges as per the last year of paid dues with an additional 20% charge in the total sum. On the submission of advance payment KIBOR discount after every 6 months will be added to your account. The company will keep sending you the month just to update you about your account and consumption.

You will receive the details about monthly dues, remaining advance balance, and discount awarded. In case of your account exhaustion, you should revise the advance plan. The applicant who wants to take this opportunity can download a request form from the given link:

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