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Use our Online GEPCO Bill Calculator to get the most accurate estimate of your GEPCO Bill using the latest Unit Rates for 2024.

GEPCO Bill Calculator

First, see the Gepco Bill and then Click on the button below to use the GEPCO Bill Calculator



or if want to calculations for Hesco Bill then go to HESCO BILL CALCULATOR.

How to use the GEPCO Bill Calculator

Follow the steps given below to estimate your GEPCO Bill correctly. You can also use this calculator to check the accuracy of your GEPCO Bill:


  • Click on the Button Above
  • Firstly, Select GEPCO from the drop-down list
  • Then, Select your Connection Type from the drop-down list
  • Select your phase from the drop-down list
  • Now enter the Units that you consumed
  • Then, Enter the number of your TV Sets
  • If you don’t want to include the ED, then check the box next to ED Exempt
  • If you don’t want to include the GST Tax (Value Added Tax), then check the box next to GST Tax
  • Enter your Meter Rent
  • Then, Enter your Service Rent
  • Finally, Click on Submit to Get an Estimate
  • Or Click on Reset to enter your entire information
  • Check your Value added tax from VAT Calcualtor tool.

GEPCO Tariff Guide

The GEPCO Tariff is the amount of duty or tax paid by the consumer on the GEPCO provided Electrical Power that he/she receives. However, different consumers have to pay differently according to their connection type because the unit rates for each connection type are different.

GEPCO Unit Rates

Unit Rates are the price of each unit that you consume. They are different for different connection types. Variable Charges on the Residential unit rates are much separate from the Commercial unit rates’ charges. The Official Website of GEPCO provides a whole Tariff guide. This Guide explicitly mentions the Fixed Charges, the Applicable Variable Charges, and the Uniform Tariff Variable Charges for Different connection types.

GEPCO Connection Types

The Different Types of Connections in this Tariff Guide are:

  • A-1 General Supply Tariff – Residential
  • A-2 General Supply Tariff – Commercial
  • General Services
  • Industrial Supply Tariffs
  • Single Point Supply
  • Agricultural Tariff
  • Temporary Supply Tariff
  • Seasonal Industrial Supply Tariff
  • Public Lighting
  • Residential Colonies that are attached to Industrial Premises
  • Railway Traction
  • Special Contracts
  • Special Contracts under NEPRA (Supply of Power Regulations) 2015

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