SNGPL Application Status Check By CNIC

The process to check SNGPL Application Status Check By CNIC is simple and to the point. No need to visit the office. Just follow the following procedure or click the button below.


SNGPL Application Status Check by CNIC

  • Call 1199
  • CNIC
  • Further Queries
  • Application form
  • Time taking
  • No Quota System

CNIC information also helps to check the status of the SNGPL application. However, this is a more uncomfortable way to know about the status. If your application is submitted by hand through the sui gas office or agent. Then it is better to call 1199 and ask about the application status. Once you get connected to the helpline officer you need to tell the CNIC number at which the application is submitted. On the contrary, this way to ask about application status is more problematic and may be expensive. Maybe you are asked to wait until the customer care officer is free to answer your call.

In so many areas the application used to be processed quickly because the applications were entertained through a quota system. Multiple areas are obliged several connections and applications passed the process quicker than usual. Now, the quota system is being halted or ended. This is another reason that an application may take a longer time to be processed.

SNGPL Online Application Check

No need to call any helpline and wait for many minutes that your call may take up by a help-line officer. There is also no need to hire an agent who properly pursues your application. Now, without any delay or wait everyone can check the SNGPL Online Application Status by following the below simple steps using the SNGPL webpage.

First, you need to go SNGPL main page

Once you get there you will see several services mentioned in the upper bar of the man page. The company is highly active in the way that they keep updating the SNGPL webpage. The page shows every bit of recent news which is helpful in any way for the consumers.

The company efficiently updates its hundreds of thousands of consumers with every bit of public-oriented news. On the home webpage of the company, there is an option that blinks ONLINE SERVICES. By clicking the ONLINE SERVICE option on the home page of SNGPL, you can the status of the SNGPL online application. You will see a page that describes the procedure to follow in both English as well as in Urdu medium.

The company facilitates its consumers with as much convenience as possible. Following is the same link you had in the first half of the online application description;

The page depicts two empty columns. The applicant needs to fill these columns with the required information. Put your ‘reference number’ in the first column. This reference number you will get when you successfully apply to a new connection. The second formality is to write the specific letters given by the system. By submitting this information, the SNGPL Online Application Status will appear on the screen at once. You can have a timetable chart of the application procedure. With the help of the timeline chart. you can see the expected time to process your application submitted for a new connection.

Modes of Online Application

  • In Process
  • Survey offered
  • Rejected
  • Issuance of Demand Notice

There are two phases of the submitted application. Either it will be in process or rejected. By logging in and checking the status of the SNGPL online application. For that matter, you need to enter two-pronged information.

You will find a certain explanation about online applications, here.  It includes personal information and customer ID. At this stage, DOM describes the class or the category of the consumers and specifically, DOM stands for domestic. Once the applicant completes its application the system automatically generates a summary according to the current status of the application.

Every single step shows completion and summary updates automatically.  Acknowledgment, at first, describes the successful submission of the application and lets you know that after verifying the submitted data, an official visit would be made possible. This visit decides whether the Sui Northern Gas Bill network exits in front of the site or not. If the status of the application shows ‘In the process, that means the application will face not many technical problems, probably.

SNGPL online application status is possibly marked -at any stage of the application process- as ‘rejected’ and according to the SNGPL company policies, this will only be possible when any kind of wrong information is found in the data submission.

The final step of an application is described as ‘issuance of demand notice’. After completing all the steps of an application, a demand notice ought to be issued to the applicant. The issuance of a demand notice guarantees the installation of a new SNGPL gas connection at the requested site.

That means the applicant has done all the required formalities up to this stage of the application. Payment is due. Once the payment is paid then the office will take care of the turn to install the new gas connection date-wise. Every region has its specific time plan to install a new connection. After paying the demand notice it will be a matter of a few days to get a connection.

Key Points to Consider

  • Application Date
  • Merit List
  • No Need to Visit any Agent Services

Although SNGPL’s new connection application process is lengthy and boring. In many cases, the application process may take more than a year or so. The company has made every tiny to a big effort to oblige the general public. For that matter, the company adequately advised every applicant.

If you have applied for many months or in some cases before a year or more. You need to know about a merit list published concerning each area and region. In case you have submitted your application before the date chart of your region. Then the company allows you to step forward and asked the company office to survey your place. The company will oblige on priority if your application falls within these criteria.

Generally, an applicant thinks it is difficult for them to understand the technicalities to apply for a new connection. So, he/she hired an agent service. The company suggested to every applicant to take self-responsibility and apply by -themself. The process is the same and holds no favor to anyone. Everyone faces the same channel to apply. So, there is no need to waste money on agent hiring. It does not matter how much money you have paid any unnecessary agent. In this case, the expense does not take priority. However, it will cause more complications in the process of online application.

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  1. Account id 5696937293 cnic no 1420354188719. Please email me referance number and receipt of new domestic connection for F/f sector i-14/1 islamabad already gas connection in ground floor. Due to system link down at i-9 sui gas office they not gave me receipt for new connection. Thanks masood navid

  2. I’ve forget the reference number of my application. CNIC is 3630257315389. Please let me know the reference number

  3. cnic no 3110165419235. Please email me referance number and receipt of new domestic connection for bahawalnagar already gas avail uor street . Please send me my conection detailme receipt for new connection.
    M Akram bahawal nagar

  4. I have applied for Gas connection vide reference no.2622608539 dated 03-12-2018 in the name of Muhammad Afzal at 956 F block Central Park Housing Scheme Ferozepur Road LAHORE. Demand notice is not being issued.kindly intervene and isse me demand notice forthwith

  5. I forget reference no of my application for two connections
    Kindly let me know the reference number

    My CNIC is. 3740576595411

  6. Forget my application reference no
    Kindly let me know the reference number

    My CNIC is. 3740576595411

  7. salam sir my consumer no is 30940941047.kindly send my reference no. mana 10 jan 2018 ma demand notice pay kaya hy abi tak meter nahi laga.

  8. Hi sir
    I forget my Refrence no and I apply for a domestic connection in 2018
    Pls check with my cnic
    MB# 03079515805
    With Best Regards
    Abdul Wahab
    Barakahu Islamabad

  9. sir me ne Application 2012 ko di thi us waqt pipe line bichaiee ja rehee thee ub line ko presure de kr chek kia ja rah he to ab muje demand notice niklwane k lie kia krna ho ga k gas conection mil sake. Coustemer id 4932419375 he CNIC No 61101- 1946608 – 1

  10. Sir my mew connection gas meter submitted application on august 2020 .
    I will not receive damd notice amd Any msg received.

    Status tell me my new connection

  11. I have applied for new connection on 20 Oct 2021 with reference number 11701383 but still there is no response from Sngpl.Please need your feedback in this regard.

  12. I forget reference no of my application for two connections
    Kindly let me know the reference number

    My CNIC is. 34502-1553498-5

  13. I’ve forget the reference number of my application. CNIC is 3450215534985. Please let me know the reference number
    My mobile nbr 0304-6131628

  14. Dear Sir,

    please informed me about my application status, i am sending you my CNIC number and plz send me copy demand. 35201-2881518-8

  15. Name dilshad Ahmed S/o naiz Ahmed
    Cnic no. 31303-2454194-9
    I forget my reference id number for new connection kindly sent my reference number on my email thanks

  16. Name shehnaz begam
    Cnic no. 3520108745928
    I forget my reference id number for new connection kindly sent my reference number on my email thanks

  17. Dear Sir
    I have applied for new gas connection on 10.01. 2021 for Sub region ISlamabad Attock. My reference No = 50780490 and ID No= 11816066515. can i apply for meter instalation now.

  18. Dear Sir.I apply for the domestic SNGPL- connection for my house in 2018. Unforturtnality I lost the fee paid Papers ect.
    My-NICN # 17101-0409255-3
    Bara Kahu Islamabad


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