SEPCO New Connection – Apply Now Online

You can now apply for a SEPCO new connection 2023 Online. You have to fill out an e-application form and then submit it online.

SEPCO has made the process of applying for a new connection extremely easy for its customers. The customers no longer are required to travel to a customer service center or the head office, wait in line for hours and then fill out a physical application form to apply for a new connection.

The entire process was indeed very hectic, time-consuming, and costly. SEPCO, therefore, digitalized the entire process to make it more comfortable, easy, free of cost, and less time-consuming. Now everything can be done online.

The customers now only have to fill out an e-application form, attach the soft copy of the required documents, and submit the application form online from their laptops or any other device with an internet connection. The online process has solved thousands of customers, especially those who did not have the luxury of private transport and had to travel to a customer service center via a bus or any other public transport.

How to apply for a SEPCO New Connection Online 2023

To apply for a new Connection online, you must first read the Procedure carefully. This link will direct you to the New Connection Procedure document. This document lists all the Connection Categories in detail. The steps to apply for a new connection are different for each of these categories and are listed separately. Only Read and follow the steps of the category you want a connection of.

Once you have read the procedure, click on this Button



This button will direct you to the online application form for a new connection. Fill out this form with all the required details, attach all the required documents, read the terms and conditions, and then click on “I Agree” If you agree with them. Finally, Click on Submit to submit your application for a new connection.

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