QESCO Complaint – Register Online Now Here

You can now register your QESCO Complaint Online. You can also check the status of the complaint and your complaint history online.

File your QESCO Complaints

To register QESCO Complaints online, You can also directly go there by clicking on the button below:



To register the QESCO Complaints online, follow the steps given below:

  1. Firstly, Click on the Button Above
  2. The Button will direct you to an application form that you need to fill online complaint
  3. On this form, Enter your name
  4. Then, Enter your Email Address
  5. Next, Enter the Reference Number of your bill
  6. Enter your complaint in the “Comments” Box.
  7. Click on “Send Feedback” to file your complaint

How to track QESCO Complaints Online

You can track your QESCO Complaints online by clicking on the button below:



After clicking on the button above, you need to enter your Reference Number and click on Submit to track your complaints.

QESCO has now digitalized all of its processes for its consumers’ comfort so that everything can be done online now. The Consumers of QESCO are no longer required to visit the head office or the customer service center for small, simple tasks. They can now do everything from the comfort of their homes using a mobile, laptop, or anything with an internet connection.

Previously, whenever a customer needed to access the duplicate copy of its bill, they needed to visit the head office or the customer service center and wait in a queue for hours. Now, thanks to technology, they can not only access the duplicate copy of their QESCO Bills online, but they can also download and print the Online QESCO Bills, pay the bills online, apply for a new QESCO connection online, download application forms online, register complaints online, check the status of their complaints and even check their complaint history online too.

The new online process has solved many problems because it is easy, reliable, less hectic, fast, and doesn’t require visits to the customer service center or the head office.

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